The hidden detail we missed on Irena’s $30k engagement ring

Why Locky chose this stunning gem.
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Just days after announcing their engagement, Locky Gilbert and Irena Srbinovska have revealed new details about her stunning engagement ring.

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The huge sparkler, designed by Locky himself with the help of Larsen Jewellery, features a 1.5ct oval brilliant cut diamond as its centre stone and is estimated to be worth $30,000 to $35,000.

But fans will be surprised to learn that’s not the only precious gem in Irena’s unique engagement ring.

Though her platinum band only appears to have the single diamond set into it, Locky designed the ring with a hidden second stone just for his future wife.

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Irena flashes her sparkling engagement ring moments after Locky popped the question. (Credit: Supplied)

“Ever since I put that beautiful ring on Irena’s finger at the end of our journey on The Bachelor, I knew I wanted to marry her,” he said in a statement.

“I also had in my mind, how am I going to be able to top her current ring? Everywhere she goes she gets stopped by people to look at it.”

He’s talking about the ring he gave Irena when he chose her as his Bachelor winner, which features a whopping 6.14ct pear shaped purple Tanzanite and four diamonds.

Knowing how special the ring is to their romance, Locky paid tribute to it – and their Bachie beginnings – by having a tiny round Tanzanite embedded inside the band of Irena’s engagement ring.

See the tiny Tanzanite Locky hid inside Irena’s ring. (Credit: Supplied/Larsen Jewellery)

Though it’s hidden from sight when she wears it, Locky wanted to include a special detail “only Irena knows about” in the ring.

So, what does the future Mrs Gilbert think of the stunning sparkler?

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“Words cannot describe how happy I am right now and the ring is more than I could have ever imagined,” she told Larsen Jewellery.

“Over the years I have grown so fond of my Bachelor finale ring from Larsen Jewellery, every time I look at it, I am reminded of how I met Locky and our journey together. It’s so unique and special.”

What a ring! (Credit: Supplied)

The hidden Tanzanite isn’t the only nod to their reality TV beginnings either, as Locky previously worked with Larsen Jewellery to design Irena’s Bachie winner ring.

As for the proposal itself, Irena didn’t believe Locky was serious when he first dropped down to one knee during a hike at Mackenzie Falls in the Grampians.

“Irena was in shock, she thought I was joking as I have done so many times before but then when she saw the ring she knew it was genuine this time,” Locky told WHO exclusively.

“She was blown away, couldn’t wipe the smile off her face.”

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