Move over Selling Sunset: What to expect from Luxe Listings Sydney

Luxe and local, this show will give you a sneak peek into properties begging to be snapped up by Sydney’s elite.
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Luxe Listings Sydney from Amazon Prime is the latest iteration of big-scale real estate shows, echoing the likes of Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listings.

Combining catty drama and extravagant real estate dealings, Luxe Listings Sydney’s fun local angle adds an extra touch.

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With the show operating mostly in Sydney’s wealthy eastern suburbs, audiences will be treated to doses of familiarity in the sweeping shots of Bondi Beach, the Harbour Bridge, and the stunning properties along the water at Point Piper.

Here’s what to expect from Luxe Listings Sydney.

Luxe Listings Sydney will hit our screens this week. (Credit: Supplied)

What to expect

People selling and buying houses for a lot, and I mean a lot, of money. It’s true, Sydney’s eastern suburbs is one of the biggest markets in the world, on par with London and New York. We’re talking a two-bedroom unit for $3 million, an auction that reaches over $17 million, and properties in Point Piper that sell for $100 million.

Simon Cohen and Gavin Rubinstein often go head-to-head on the show. (Credit: Supplied)

While the show does have down-to-earth moments, often handed to us by D’Leanne Lewis, the sheer wealth of some people featured in this show is completely eye-watering. However, the luxurious lifestyles of the vendors, the buyers and the estate agents makes for a level of escapism you won’t get anywhere else, especially since you’re only escaping to Bondi.

Frenemies Gavin and Simon see some insane views in their work. (Credit: Supplied)

Where to watch

Luxe Listings Sydney airs on Amazon Prime, kicking off this Friday, July 9.

D’Leanne Lewis and Simon are rivals on the show. (Credit: Supplied)

Who you’ll meet

If you’ve watched Selling Sunset, you’ll know that the cast of characters behind the businesses are what bring the drama and intrigue. Luxe Listings Sydney has its own rotation of charismatic agents who share a dynamic that really makes the show.

Gavin Rubinstein (Credit: Supplied)

Gavin Rubinstein

Gavin is the founder of The Rubinstein Group (TRG), which came to be in 2019 after years of working as a solo agent within the Ray White company. He was awarded the number one salesperson across NSW for seven consecutive years based on commission, and continued this success with TRG – they sold more than $350 million worth of property in their first year of operation.

Gavin is a ‘born entrepreneur’. (Credit: Instagram)

Gavin is a born entrepreneur – fast-talking, slick, and always available to his clients, whose priorities he puts above his own. He believes that one should ‘continually be better than yesterday’.

D’Leanne Lewis (Credit: Supplied)

D’Leanne Lewis

D’Leanne Lewis is a Principal at Laing+Simmons Double Bay, where she has been a top agent for the past 27 years. No stranger to hardship, D’Leanne migrated to Australia from South Africa with her family at age 10, settling with them in Blacktown, in Sydney’s west. She moved to Bondi at age 20, starting in real estate as a PA to the Director of Sales and built her way up from there.

D’Leanne is a proud mother to two girls. (Credit: Instagram)

D’Leanne prides herself on being disciplined, genuine and giving no less than 100% to everything she does. She is also a mother to two adorable young girls, and has said that motherhood is ‘the most important thing I have ever done.’

Simon Cohen (Credit: Supplied)

Simon Cohen

Simon is a buyer’s agent, meaning he will bring the property to the buyer, rather than the other way around. He co-founded Cohen Handler, the largest Property Buyer’s Agency in Australia. He is the highest-grossing buyer’s agent in the country, and he prides himself on making the process of buying property one that is “simple, fun and rewarding for the buyer.”

Simon is the highest-grossing buyer’s agent in the country. (Credit: Supplied)

Simon is a family man – he works closely with his parents at Cohen Handler – and seems to have adopted colleagues Tammy and Liam into his tight-knit circle as well.

Come for the opulence! (Credit: Supplied)

What makes it stand out?

The local angle of this show is what sets it apart from the likes of Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listings. While the cut-throat nature of expensive real estate is still there, the shots of Sydney’s eastern suburbs add a level of familiarity. Also, we’re all pretty well across the nature of home ownership and real estate in the heart of Sydney, making the concept itself pretty relevant to local audiences. Come for the opulence, stay for the reminder that we do own some pretty spectacular views here in Australia.

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