Olivia Frazer Spills On Her Relationship with MAFS-Husband Jackson Lonie

"I just don't care anymore."
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Married at First Sight star Olivia Frazer has spoken out about her relationship with her former MAFS husband Jackson Lonie. 

Speaking on Nova’s Back to Reality podcast, Olivia shared an update on the former couple’s relationship today, revealing that they are no longer on speaking terms. 

“I’ve lost it. I just don’t care anymore. When Jackson and I broke up, we had this agreement to always speak nicely about each other, and I feel like I’ve held up my end of the deal and I’ve been too nice and stroked his ego for the last, well, over the last year,” she shared.

WATCH: Olivia Frazer addresses fans after split with Jackson. Article continues after video. 

“Whenever he’s talked about me, it’s been, ‘I hope Liv finds a great guy,’ which sounds nice, but when you’re as hated as I am, people are going to interpret that as he hopes she finds someone nice so that she gets the f*** away from him,” Olivia continued, adding that she had been asking Jackon to change his tune “for the last year.” 

Olivia’s comments come just over one year since the couple announced that they had gone their separate ways in August 2022. Despite claiming that the breakup was amicable, fans of the controversial MAFS couple previously began to speculate over the nature of their breakup, with rumours circulating that Olivia has been “dumped” by Jackson. 

“I understand people like to think that I got ‘dumped’ but it wasn’t like that at all. We’re adults. We had an adult conversation about how the relationship wasn’t working for either of us and we both came to the resolution that splitting up was the only thing left to do,” Olivia wrote to Instagram at the time. 

(Credit: Instagram)

“There’s no ‘juicy’ story. There’s no truth to the ‘haha he dumped you’ comments people say. It was a peaceful, joint decision,” she continued. 

Olivia previously went on to say that if Jackson were to get into a new relationship closely after the breakup, she wouldn’t be bothered.

“It’s absolutely none of my business, just like what I’m up to is none of his. I’d hope she was nice though… Less than a month ago my whole future was meant to be with Jackson. Now it’s about rebuilding myself (yet again).”

“I’m okay. I’m sad that the life Jack and I thought we were going to have is no longer a reality, but optimistic that we will both find exactly what we’re looking for.”

The couple announced their split in August 2022. (Credit: Nine)

Following the breakup, Olivia spoke openly about her experience being newly single, revealing that she had joined the popular dating app Hinge in order to explore the dating pool, with her profile sharing that she was seeking a short-term relationship, but was open to something more serious in the future.

Speaking on her post-MAFS dating life, Olivia shared that she had been “scammed” by her previous partner after relocating to Scotland to live with who she believed to be her boyfriend.

“We spoke almost every day since we met at the start of the year and he told me he wanted me to meet his son once I got back to Scotland, told me he wanted to give things a real go between us and made me feel so wanted after everything I’d been through after MAFS – but it was all lies,” she told Yahoo Lifestyle in August 2023. 

“A lady in a pub then approached me and asked if I was still seeing him. I told her ‘ah that’s a bit complicated’ and she said: ‘Don’t. He has a girlfriend. Has had a girlfriend the whole time. You can you can do better Pet’.”

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