Meet the cast of the 2021 MAFS reunion

And some haven't changed a bit.
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The good folks at Channel Nine have blessed us with not one but two Married At First Sight seasons this year. Yes, before the eighth season kicks off, our favourite (and not so favourite) brides and grooms are back for a special dinner party.

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The two-part special will air on Sunday January 31st and Sunday February 7th and now we finally know who will be sitting around the table.

Only stars from seasons five and six will be in attendance as they were the highest rating seasons with the exception of Lizzie and Seb from season seven – though we know those two haven’t made it work since the reunion was filmed.

Whilst some look like they haven’t aged a day since they married a complete stranger, others have totally transformed both their appearance and their lives.

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Jessika Power knows how to rock a white dress. (Credit: Nine)

Jessika Power, season six

She was disastrously matched with farmer Mick Gould and went on to be part of an explosive cheating scandal with Dan Webb, but blonde bombshell Jessika didn’t find her Mr Right on the show.

The influencer is now based in the Gold Coast and is dating rapper, Filip Poznanovic.

Martha’s hair isn’t the only change. (Credit: Nine)

Martha Kalifatidis and Michael Brunelli, season six

Aside from Cam and Jules, these two were only couple attending the reunion that are still together and we love to see it.

Martha and Michael, who quit his job as a primary school teacher and is now running his own fitness business, are now living together in Sydney and fans are waiting for an engagement or pregnancy announcement every time they post to Instagram.

Cyclone Cyrell is back! (Credit: Nine)

Cyrell Paule, season six

Cyclone incoming! Though she’s still got her trademark fiery personality, a lot has changed in Cyrell’s life since her marriage with Nic Jovanovic didn’t work out.

The former bride is now a proud mum to baby Boston who she shares with Love Island star Eden Dally. The family now live together in Sydney.

Season six villain Ines caused quite a stir last time. (Credit: Nine)

Ines Basic, season six

She was arguably the most hated woman in Australia after she unleashed on husband Bronson Norrish and then ended up cheating with Sam Ball.

But the seemingly single Ines has a new and glamorous look and is quite the Instagram influencer these days.

All over red rover. (Credit: Nine)

Lizzie Sobinoff and Seb Guilhaus, season six and seven

The only 2020 stars invited to the reunion were the season’s only remaining couple, though Lizzie is a season six star as well.

Though they were together when the reunion was filmed in December 2020, Lizzie and Seb announced their break up the following month and Seb hinted that COVID-19 played a part in their split after he moved from his hometown of Adelaide to be with Lizzie.

“I immediately felt totally isolated in Sydney, different culture, different energy, knowing very few people. Liz was my family and friends at that stage,” he explained of their shock split. 

Tracey’s going to be a mum! (Credit: Nine)

Tracey Jewel, season five

She was cheated on by her on-screen husband Dean Wells, but Tracey Jewel’s life is looking a little different these days.

The former bride is expecting her second child with partner Nathan Constable and joked that she wasn’t able to drink at the reunion dinner party.

“Oh the drama! And I had to do the dinner party sober! Missed you guys!” she quipped on Instagram.

Deano will be reunited with his wife at the dinner table. (Credit: Nine)

Dean Wells, season five

Tracey’s hubby is back too! Dean, who infamously had an illicit dalliance with Davina Rankin, became the season’s villain – and resident rapper.

The single former groom now has his own podcast titled Dangerous Ideas with Deano and even called himself an innovator for being one of the first contestants to cheat on the show. 

Lady in red! (Credit: Nine)

Ashley Irvin, season five

She may have been partnered with the memorable Troy, but Ashley’s charm and honesty won us over back in 2018.

Since leaving the show, the former flight attendant has decided to study nursing in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Who could forget this iconic moment? (Credit: Nine)

Troy Delmege, season five

Ah Toothbrush Troy, we’ve missed you. Aside from his vigorous brushing, Troy was most famous for turning up to the season five reunion dinner party with new girlfriend and co-star, Carly Bowyer.

Now single, Troy had a tough 2020 when he contracted a parasite (blastocystis hominis) and took months to recover. But now he’s back and ready to catch up with his MAFS alumni pals.

Foxy indeed! (Credit: Nine)

Jo ‘Foxy Jojo’ Mcpharlin, season five

We still reckon the experts did our gal Foxy Jojo dirty when she was matched with Sean Donnelly but just look at her now!

The season five fan favourite has undergone a dramatic weight loss transformation and owes it all to being more organised with her food and undergoing treatment with a machine called MM Slim, which performs non-surgical lipo suction. 

“I have no idea [how much weight I’ve lost], I haven’t had scales in my house for over 10 years now,” she explained.

“I just know that all my clothes fit so much better now. I’m still totally me, just a bit thinner.”

Ryan will be present, but he won’t be bumping into ex-wife Davina. (Credit: Nine)

Ryan Gallagher, season five

He may not have to see his ex-wife Davina Rankin but Ryan is coming face-to-face with the guy she cheated on him with!

Since his MAFS experience in 2018, the tattooed tradie has also starred on the 2020 season of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here and memorably hooked up briefly with Geordie Shore star, Charlotte Crosby.

Will we get another occasion of Charlene putting the men in their place? (Credit: Nine)

Charlene Perera, season five

Back in 2018, we were applauding when bride Charlene called out the boys for their misogynistic behaviour.

Hopefully, our unapologetic queen will have a similar mic drop moment at the dinner table.

Looking the same as ever. (Credit: Nine)

Mike Gunner, season six

Mike was matched with bride Heidi Latcham but despite more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, the couple didn’t make it work.

These days, Mike is a tattooist based in the Gold Coast and reassured the UK audience watching his season of MAFS, “It’s ok, I’m not that bad.”

Bringing the va va voom as usual. (Credit: Nine)

Sarah Roza, season five

We’re still a bit sad that she and groom Telv Williams didn’t last, but Sarah Roza is continuing to slay three years after her TV wedding.

The ever-glamorous 2018 star is now a TV and radio host as well as an ambassador for all things fashion and beauty.

Nasser was partnered with Gabrielle Bartlett. (Credit: Nine)

Nasser Sultan, season five

Last but not least, it’s one of the franchise’s most polarising contestants.

The former groom isn’t afraid to hold back on any reality TV show contestants and has dubbed himself “Australia’s Favourite Celebrity.”

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