MAFS bride Melissa has never been on a date before

But she's done plenty of other things.
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When someone decides to settle down and get married, you’d assume they’d kissed their fair share of frogs and had some dating horror stories from their younger years. But that’s not the case for one of this year’s MAFS brides.

WATCH BELOW: Married At First Sight bride Melissa has never been on a date

Melissa Rawson is a 31-year-old workplace trainer from Melbourne who has admitted that when she celebrated her milestone birthday, she had something of a crisis.

“When I turned 30 I felt like my life was over. I immediately saw the wrinkles start forming and it sent me into a panic that I could be running out of time,” she confessed in a trailer.

The MAFS bride added that she feels ashamed of the fact she’s never been on a date before, but is “so ready to find love.”

“When I turned 30 I felt like my life was over. I immediately saw the wrinkles start forming and it sent me into a panic that I could be running out of time.” (Credit: Nine)

But though her dating track record is non-existent, Melissa has led a pretty full life.

In her mid-twenties the MAFS bride lived in Banff, Canada and has plenty of snaps from her North American adventures on Instagram.

These days, the blonde beauty is a proud dog mum to British bulldog Marli and French bulldog Murphy and in 2019 made the life-changing decision to buy her own home in Somerville, Victoria.

“One year ago today, I purchased my first house,” Melissa penned on her homeowner anniversary in 2020.

“It wasn’t until my family came through, and renovated it, that it became my home but no one deserves more thanks than Mumma Rawson for all of her hard work and artistic flair. Even in isolation, I’m celebrating today with a bottle of champagne! 🍾🥂 #isosingle,” she jokingly added.

Melissa bought her own house in 2019. (Credit: Instagram)

Though she panicked before turning 30, Melissa made an impressive list of accomplishments she wanted to achieve before her big day – and she ticked them all off two days before her birthday where she celebrated in Las Vegas.

From simple milestones like swim in the ocean and take a cooking class to the more risky ones like be a passenger in a stunt car and watch a movie at the drive-ins naked, we’re impressed!

“There were some clear standouts and a few that were certainly a once-off!” she shared on Instagram at the time.

“Nevertheless, thank you to everyone who participated in helping me tick each one off! Most importantly… bring on Vegas in May!”

We wonder what that tattoo says… (Credit: Instagram)

Melissa also has had quite the beauty transformation over the years – in her twenties she rocked long dark tresses that look very different to the blonde locks we’ve seen on the show.

She also sported a chic blonde bob back in 2018 so we’ll be watching this bride for any upcoming hair transformations.

Let’s hope Melissa finds her happily ever after!

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Melissa looks like a different person here! (Credit: Instagram)

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