Tamara and Brent finally split during brutal Final Vows ceremony on MAFS

"I don't even know where you get the confidence to do that."
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There wasn’t a single person watching Brent Vitiello and Tamara Djordjevic’s nuptials who thought, “well that’s a good match.” Their on-screen wedding was one of the worst we’ve ever seen. But, somehow, the duo managed to pick themselves up and make it to the Final Vows on Married At First Sight Australia. 

WATCH: Brent and Tamara clash on their MAFS wedding day

In one of the first episodes of the hotly anticipated Final Vows on MAFS, Tamara and Brent were on the chopping block. And things didn’t end well… for the couple. For the viewers, it was a grand old time as this relationship from hell finally ran its course.

After weeks of being amicable one minute, feuding the next, Brent ended things with Tamara in dramatic fashion.

“I feel the best path for me is a path alone at this stage I’m sorry,” Tamara said in her vows. “If you take any advice for me, it’s just to be yourself and that you’re enough.”

Odd, considering she has attempted to belittle Brett for his career, apartment, life etc. “not being enough” throughout the entire experiment. Brent responded in his own vows to say their journey in the experiment had been “filled with disrespect.”

“You don’t have any real loyalty to anyone. And I realised you lack all the qualities I’m looking for in a partner,” he said.

“You are not God’s gift to humanity, so stop looking down on everyone. I don’t even know where you get the confidence to do so. So on that note, good luck, good riddance.”

With that, Brent dropped his cards to the ground and smoke-bombed out of the awkward situation.

tamara and brent
Tamara and Brent’s marriage ended the way it began… dramatically. (Credit: Nine Network)

“Leading up to the Final Vows, I was a little bit defeated. I had tried so hard,” Brent tells Nine of the vows.

“I kind of just needed to really voice everything that I had on my mind. And voice all the good, and then voice all the bad. It was just my avenue to finally be heard properly, and in depth.”

“What Brent had to say about me isn’t true. I know in my heart it’s not true, the people who know me and love know it’s not true,” Tamara hit back.

In a previous interview with our sister site New Idea, Brent revealed he was determined to work on the relationship despite their hurdles. And we certainly saw him try and try again.

“I know it was a bit rocky at first, but I was determined. If she’s going to be like that, I’m going to win,” he told the publication“And she really did come along and it was nice to see that and it made things a lot easier for both of us.”

Despite not getting along quite as well as the other couples, Tamara and Brent have been continuously working on growing their connection. But they haven’t always seen eye to eye and recent weeks proved to be a hot mess for the couple.

“The experiment is based on people growing and growth and it’s really going to put us to the test. It also makes it exciting at the same time too. I don’t like anything that’s easy. So a challenge is always accepted by me,” Brent says.

tamara brent couple
Brent and Tamara seemed committed to making it work, despite clearly being a bad match. (Credit: Nine Network)

With things looking pretty bleak for Tamara and Brent throughout the series, we’re not surprised they’ve gone their separate ways.  Especially considering the clues were there all along. 

The on-screen couple didn’t follow each other on Instagram until recently, when the Nine Network seized control of their social media for the duration of the show. However, their “happier” co-stars Olivia Frazer and Jackson Lonie or Domenica Calarco and Jack Millar have always been following each other.

It was a pretty major red flag that the couples who were struggling on-screen were not following each other on Instagram and… suddenly… they are now. Interesting.

There were also the SportsBet betting odds, which are often an indication of a “spoiler” or “plot leak” by someone who is close to the show. The odds predicted that they would exit by the Final Vows.

Tamara and Brent’s relationship has been a struggle from the start. (Credit: Nine Network)

There was no success story for Tamara and Brent. Wondering about the rest of the MAFS couples? See which couples are rumoured to be together and who has called it quits here.

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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