MAFS Mishel dishes on where she stands with Steve

There's no love lost there!
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They might not have found love, but Mishel Karen and Steve Burley forged an extremely strong friendship during their time on Married At First Sight.

WATCH: MAFS Mishel confirms producers fed Lizzie lines 

But after last night’s final vows, in which Mishel tore her TV husband a new one for stringing her along, the Brisbane based school teacher has confirmed they’re no longer in each other’s lives. 

“We were talking for some time but we cut ties altogether. I think that it’s more on my side. It didn’t work out,” she said this morning on The Kyle And Jackie O Show

Mishel went IN on Steve at the final vows. (Credit: Nine)

During their chat, she also addressed the moment she asked Steve if he wanted to have sex, revealing it was said in jest, however the show’s producers were determined to turn her flyaway comment into a full-blown storyline. 

“It was a joke. He was playing with his phone for quite a while so I was just saying random sh*t and I came out with, ‘oh, do you want to have sex?’ One comment blew up into me wanting to have sex with him all the time,” she said. 

“It was a joke once. They got me saying the right stuff and the right time.” 

They loved each other, but Steve wasn’t in love with Mishel. (Credit: Nine)

Fans were distraught last night when they watched a heartbroken and beaten down Mishel tell her husband she was tired of fighting for his love and affection. It was hard seeing the mum tell the man she was hoping to fall in love with that he’d wasted her time, ruined her self confidence and made her question whether she was worthy of love. 

The fact you kept telling me you were not attracted to me made me doubt myself, doubt my attractiveness, lose confidence and strength. If the words you said to me were true and honest, then why did you not act on those feelings?” she asked Steve during her final vows. 

“You couldn’t even kiss me to find out. I felt that I had to show my worth, or show how valuable I am, but you just kept missing it, not seeing what was right in front of your eyes. As I always say, ‘A person comes into your life for a reason or a season’ and Steve, our season together is over. We are done. Steve, you have wasted my time.” 

This was absolutely brutal. (Credit: Nine Network)

Steve’s decision to walk away huffing, puffing and rolling his eyes pissed a lot of MAFS viewers off, with many taking to Twitter to slam the barbershop owner for his “manipulative” behaviour.

“God I’m so done with Steve. Stop leading people on. Literally everyone there can see it. Everyone here can see it. All you’ve done is show the country that a “f**k boy” doesn’t grow out with age. Please f**k off,” one angry person vented on Twitter. 

“WTF game does Steve play??? I don’t get him,” another added.

“Steve is saying this only cause he knows she’ll say no – and that’s what he wants. It’s the only way to redeem himself a bit. Steve’s backflip is obviously a little too late, lol. He knows that he’s about to be shut down by Mishel and thinks that people will feel sorry for him in the end… but no one will.”

Steve’s copping it! (Credit: Nine)

“Mishel and Steve haven’t even shared a kiss, she seems to be one of the few who genuinely wanted to find love, not fame. I feel genuinely sad for her. I hope a sweet guy from her home town contacts her. Long distance with Steve won’t work,” someone else wrote. 

Others claimed Steve’s desperate for fame, hence why he continued to write “stay” despite admitting on multiple occasions that he wasn’t sexually attracted to his bride. 

Can’t tell if Steve is just hungry for fame or certified psychopath #MAFSAU #MAFS.”

“Steve definitely wins the award for “Most Self-Obsessed Man In Australia.” And that’s saying something, because Michael and Jonethen are also in this country…”


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