EXCLUSIVE: MAFS’ Jessika Power says she “wouldn’t care if Dan Webb drowned”

She's not holding back.
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It’s been months since Married at First Sight wrapped up, but this year’s trouble-maker Jessika Power still finds herself surrounded by drama. Speaking to WHO, the reality-TV star opens up about her family issues, how Martha Kalifatidis dropped her as a friend and why she thinks Cyrell Paule and Eden Dally are faking it.

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WHO: Do you still speak to your former partner, Dan Webb? 

Jessika: I couldn’t care less if Dan drowned tomorrow.

WHO: Your break-up was very public. How did it affect you?

Jessika: Oh, the Dan thing, that was bad. I did spiral. I was in hospital with him … It was really bad, like I was on my medication and drinking … I think I drank like four bottles of wine a day.

WHO: How did you get through it?

Jessika: I woke up in Perth, and I didn’t even know how I got there, but obviously I stayed with my friends, and my friends helped me get through it all and I just stayed with my friends for two weeks and then I was fine. I hate him. I actually hate him. You know what? He told me in February, I think it was? Oh, actually, I’ll have to look on my phone – but he told me that he planned my break-up for three months. And that the Nic [Jovanovic] thing was just the icing on the cake and that made it easier for him to leave it. He told me that every time he slept with me it meant nothing to him. [At least] Dan was really good in bed. This is someone that I moved states for – I moved states for this guy. But if that was the plan the whole time, he just wanted to get publicity out of it, wouldn’t you not tell me to move states?

WHO: His mum was against it from the beginning. Was she nice to you when you met her?

Jessika: I never met his mother properly, but I spoke to her on the phone and she was really lovely. And she kept saying to Dan that she was excited to meet me, and she thought that I was lovely, and stuff like that. I don’t think his mum was, like – see my dad was very, very standoffish, very, very protective. That’s the same with Dan’s mum. I mean, that’s just parents. Dan’s in a $22 million fraud case, so his mum shouldn’t really be worrying about who he’s dating; she should be worrying about whether or not he’s going
to f–k off to jail soon. 

WHO: Would you visit him in jail?

Jessika: I’ll probably go to the courthouse, just to laugh at him when he gets sentenced. I would sit down in court and be like, “Bye-bye, Dan!” You know, I found out about that through my publicist; I didn’t even find out about that through Dan. And we’d already talked on the phone. He’d gone, “Oh I thought it would make you think differently of me.” Mate. Wow. I just thought, “Are you on drugs?”

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