Married At First Sight’s Tamara gives Dan a second chance after cheating scandal with Jessika

And Jessika's reaction is PRICELESS.
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On Sunday night’s episode on Married At First Sight‘s Tamara reveals she’s willing to give husband Dan a second chance after the two felt they were in the “friend zone”.

For context purposes, at last night’s Dinner Party, Tamara has, of course, had a one-on-one chat with Jessika Power, who kissed Dan behind her back – but she has no idea they’re hooked up.

In tonight’s commitment ceremony, Tamara is more worried because she feels like she and Dan have lost any chemistry they once had.

“I think Dan and I are still invested in each other but I’m kind of on the fence,” she tells Expert John Aiken.

“Some of the other couples in there didn’t start off so loving, but now they are forming a great connection,” she says to the camera.

This is an interesting point given Dan has just met Tamara’s aunt and cousin who grilled him on her homestay.

When asked what they thought of him, Tam confirms: “Yeah they liked him…”

At this stage, Dan’s SECRET girlfriend Jessika is NOT happy. But she stays quiet.

jessika mafs
Jess is NOT impressed while the spotlight is on Tamara and her secret boyfriend Dan. (Credit: Channel 9)

John goes on to ask how Dan is feeling about being in the Friend Zone.

“It’s a situation I’ve never been in before but I’m struggling,” Dan says.

John then asks the couple if they want more from the relationship?

“I don’t want to sit here and say no because I always have hope,” says Tamara. “Because I sit here with Dan and I’m like I like this guy, I feel like there should be!”

Meanwhile, Dan admits: “Yeah with the sparks side of things, I feel like at my homestay we were at our best.

John then hits the single dad with a hard question, asking him: “Did you put in effort?

“No probably not,” Dan admits.

The expert then asked when was the last time the two were intimate.

They both mention it was two weeks ago, on Dan’s homestay.

Obviously, WE know it may have something to do with paying another bride some EXTRA attention instead.

“I don’t know he was a different person, or maybe I was a different person. It just felt different.

Things get emotional and John reveals he senses Tamara is bowing out because Dan is.

mafs tamara
(Credit: Channel 9)

Tamara nods in agreement. “I always want more. I like to be doted on myself, I want someone who shows interest in me,” she says.

“But then I hear stories of other couples who are in this position but then they go on and they’re great,” she continues.

As a result, she and Dan choose to stay for another week.

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