The Celebrity Apprentice star Martha Kalifatidis wants as her wedding planner

And it's not Shaynna.
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She made it to the final four on this year’s Celebrity Apprentice and now, Martha Kalifatidis has shared her congratulations in her trademark dry and sarcastic way to winner Shaynna Blaze and runner-up Ross Noble.

WATCH BELOW: Martha Kalifatidis on the set of Celebrity Apprentice

Posting to her Instagram Stories, the former Married At First Sight star, 33, shared a post dedicated to interior design queen Shaynna, who she became close to during the show.

“Congratulations @shaynnablaze. You did an incredible job and realised a record breaking donation for your charity @voiceofchangeau. You are goals af (that means I look up to you tremendously and hope one day I can be equally kind and strong, just as you are). Ohh and a waist as snatched as yours when I get to your age. (Snatched as in tiny…just to be clear. It’s an inside joke Shahnna will understand.),” Martha teased. 

But in her message to runner-up Ross Noble, she fuelled more rumours that she and boyfriend Michael Brunelli could be tying the knot soon. 

“@mrrossnoble you are one of a kind. I hope you never change a thing. I would rob a bank with you anytime. You are a genius, a gentleman and you even have a few good jokes. Also I’d love you to be my wedding planner. Well done!”

We would love Ross to be Martha’s wedding planner! (Credit: Instagram)

Shortly after the Celebrity Apprentice, comedian Ross, who was known for his quirky, non-traditional approach to tasks, said that his co-stars would dismiss him on the show.

“Obviously people say my ideas are mad, but quite a lot of the time I would be sitting there going ‘I’m the voice of reason in this’. If I’m the voice of reason at the table, we’re in trouble!” he told WHO shortly after the finale.

“There were early tasks where I would think ‘Hang on we’re on the wrong track here’ and I would voice my concerns and then I’d sort of be ignored and that happened quite a lot, people would go ‘He’s just insane’ and then we’d either follow my idea and we’d win the task or we’d lose the task and Lord Sugar would say in the boardroom ‘Did anyone suggest this?’ and they’d say ‘Oh yeah Ross did.’”

“My whole thing going into it was just whether you’re right or wrong, just commit to it.”

Maybe wedding planning would be the perfect career?

Martha Kalifatidis, Shaynna Blaze, Josh Gibson and Ross Noble were the Celebrity Apprentice final four. (Credit: Instagram)

Earlier this month, Martha and Michael, who met on the sixth season of MAFS, exclusively told WHO when their wedding will be.

“We get asked that question every single day on social media and I tell people ‘You guys will be the last to find out, but you will find out,'” Michael revealed.

“I get why people are so invested. They’ve seen the moment we first laid eyes one one another and they’ve followed our relationship, for everyone, a real marriage is naturally the next step. It’s there, I get it, I’m very well aware of it.”

The wedding will come, we just have to wait! (Credit: WHO/Phillip Castleton)

However, don’t expect the proposal to be a flashy affair as Martha’s hoping for something casual and has thought more about life in five to 10 years time.

“I’d love a beautiful home in the city and a place in the country, we’ll do both. We’ll have a little holiday house amidst the rolling hills, somewhere really chill and quaint and hopefully we’re running our own businesses and we have a kid, or two. I’ve got a walk in wardrobe, separate bathrooms…” she mused.

“I could go on and on. I think a cute little family would be a really good place to start. Not for a little while yet we’ve got a lot more to do.”

WATCH BELOW: MAFS’ Michael tricks Martha into thinking he shaved off his beard

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