Miley regrets breaking up with Liam

She's desperate to win him back.
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As we know, Miley Cyrus has been flaunting her new relationship with Cody Simpson in an attempt to capture Liam Hemsworth’s attention.

WATCH: Miley and Cody shock fans as they dance in their underwear together 

But as he refuses to buy into her petty attempts to make him jealous, the world-famous singer— who also endured a whirlwind romance with Kaitlynn Carter last month— is said to be questioning whether she made the right decision in letting Liam go. 

An insider recently revealed Miley saw red and “turned into a green-eyed monster” when her ex-husband stepped out with his new Aussie girlfriend, Maddison Brown. Knowing full well Liam has never been one to pursue fake relationships for fame, it was at that point she realised her ex-partner of 10 years had officially moved on from her. 

“She’s having difficulty accepting that he’s happy with Maddison,” a friend of the Hunger Games actor shared. “Miley’s trying to act like she doesn’t care, but she’s secretly fuming.”

Maddison is apparently about to spend a week on vacation with Liam, his brother Chris and his wife Elsa. (Credit: Getty)

As rumours swirl their relationship is getting pretty serious— with word spreading the Dynasty star has already met his entire family—Miley has reportedly realised the grass isn’t greener on the other side! 

As we know, the former Black Mirror actress has been drunk texting Liam as of late despite desperately trying to show the world that she’s happy and in love with her new man. 

Back to when their romance was pure and genuine! (Credit: Getty)

“She was drunk dialling him for a while, so now she’s resorted to social media to get his attention,” a source told Radar Online.

“This romance with Cody, supposed hospital visit and constant ‘look at me’ behaviour is all designed to push Liam’s buttons — and to be fair it’s always worked in the past because he’s a good guy who ultimately loves her. But now he’s just rolling his eyes and washing his hands of her, even as a friend, which of course is driving Miley nuts,” the source continued. 

Miley and her new man Cody. (Credit: Instagram)

It comes after body language expert Blanca Cobb claimed Miley and Cody’s love for one another is disingenuous, revealing their OTT couple photos and constant need to flaunt their relationship proves it’s all for show and shock value. 

“Miley’s hand down the front of Cody’s pants is all about shock value to the world and a secret message between the two of them,” she said, referring to a recent Instagram photo showing the shirtless “iYiYi” singer posing while Miley’s hand was touching his crotch. 

While she didn’t reveal what the “secret message” was, Blanca said Cody is just “enjoying the moment” while Miley is proving she “doesn’t care about possible comments or criticism”. 

The photo in question. (Credit: Instagram)

Despite calling their bluff, the expert also said Liam and Miley’s relationship has long been riddled with flaws, claiming his body language toward Miley at the Saint Laurent runway show in June was “deceptive”, showed a “major disconnect” and proved their marriage was on the rocks long before they announced their separation. 

Miley and Liam were still married at this point. (Credit: Getty)

“Miley is unplugged—just look at her zoned-out eyes. He’s looking at the camera and she’s not. With one foot in front of the other, it looks like she’s ready to bolt. Liam’s body language is a bit deceptive. 

She concluded: “Even though his body and feet are angled toward Miley, his hands tell the truth. A hand in the pocket signals that he’s feeling a bit uncomfortable about something. Look closely at his fingers of his right hand—it’s not a full grasp. His fingers and thumb are not completely touching Miley. This suggests that there’s trouble in the home front.”

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