Survivor’s Monika Radulovic’s strange pregnancy side effect

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As most mums will attest, growing a tiny human can change your body in a bunch of weird and wonderful ways – and yup, that includes your feet swelling up to the point that they’re totally unrecognisable. Just ask Survivor star Monika Radulovic.

WATCH BELOW: Pregnant Survivor star Monika Radulovic shows off swollen feet

The 30-year-old, who starred on the 2018 season of Champions Versus Contenders is expecting her first child with her husband Alesandro Ljubicic and on Wednesday, she took to her Instagram Stories to share the “hardest part” of her pregnancy journey so far. 

“For those of you following at home, the swelling is still real!” she captioned a clip of her lower half while visiting an acupuncture clinic.

In the clip, she wiggled her toes and prodded the top of her foot, leaving a clear indent.

After loads of fans direct messaged her to voice their concern, Monika followed up with a second video explaining that she felt completely “fine.”  

“The swelling is reallllll,” she captioned one shot. (Credit: Instagram)

“You are the sweetest souls,” she began. “I was not posting my cankles to get sympathy – they’re fine, they don’t hurt one bit they just look funny! We call them my Shrek feet,” she laughed.

“That is literally the hardest part of this pregnancy so far. If that’s the hardest thing, I’m beyond blessed and I know that and I’m so grateful.”

“Don’t worry, I am so fine,” she continued. “They don’t even hurt. They just look hilarious!”

Due to all the extra blood and fluid the body has to produce for a baby to develop, it’s relatively common for pregnant women to experience swollen feet. That said, it can be difficult to deal with for many women – especially when on the hunt for comfy shoes.

Thankfully, however, Monika has found a clever workaround.

“I found these new sandals. They are by Teva,” she shared, showing off a pair of white chunky sandals. “And they’re fantastic because you can actually adjust the velcro, so they fit perfectly and I can wear them and make them as big as possible!

Velcro shoes! Genius. (Credit: Instagram)

The former Miss Universe Australia first announced she was expecting a baby boy back in August with a gallery of cute photos of the parents-to-be.

For the snaps, she wore a figure-hugging white dress with white heels whilst the doting dad cradled his wife and dressed in black jeans and a beige shirt.

“Just the 3 of us,” Monika captioned the post.

“We couldn’t keep our little peanut a secret any longer! We’re so grateful and excited for our little love growing inside. I’M GOING TO BE A MAMA!!!”

Proud parents. (Credit: Instagram)

Monika also shared some insights via her Instagram Stories and revealed that many of her followers had been asking about her noticeably bigger boobs and who the doctor was that did them.

“My platform is all about being totally transparent with you guys and I thought that it’s time I’m open and honest with you so click my next post which will reveal all,” she said directing fans to her pregnancy announcement, followed by a cheeky wink to the camera.

The model then clarified that she was indeed pregnant as her husband quickly joked: “I am the surgeon!”

Monika starred on Survivor in 2018. (Credit: Channel 10)

Monika and Alesandro tied the knot in March 2018 – just a month before filming for Survivor kicked off.

“He made me videos while I was away. If he was out and about or came home from work … he recorded what he would say to me if I was there. It was amazing,” she previously told WHO.

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