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Australian Survivor’s Kirby Reflects on Her Game-Changing Elimination

"Back yourself and go and play the game."
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Whether it be orchestrating some of the season’s most game-changing blindsides or taking home an immunity challenge win, Kirby Bentley continuously proved herself to be a formidable force on Australian Survivor: Titans V Rebels. 

While her social power and keen strategic eye may be some of the strongest the franchise has ever seen, her ability to finesse the game did not stem from any preconceived gameplan. 

“I didn’t watch anything. I didn’t know anything about the game,” Kirby revealed to WHO, sharing that her journey on one of Australia’s most beloved reality shows happened purely by chance. 

Watch Below: Kirby’s Journey | Australian Survivor 2024 | Channel 10. 

“I’ve always played sports, so that was stimulating. It challenged me and helped me grow and learn. Since I stopped, I felt a bit flat and out. When I saw Survivor came up, I think it was on LinkedIn, and I applied. I just wanted to see where I was at in life.”

As an AFLW star and Sport Australia Hall of Fame athlete, the 37-year-old has been no stranger to physical and mental strain, however, Kirby revealed that Survivor offered a challenge that she had not yet conquered. 

“I saw [Survivor] as a small scale of society and people. I think with my life experience, sporting background, and with how diverse the cast can be, I just wanted to see how I would go in a space like that.” 

Kirby claimed her place in the top five finalists. (Credit: Ten)

From navigating her alliances to crafting inter-tribe strategic plays following the tribal merge, Kirby consistently played her way to the top of the pack, with her authenticity and interpersonal skills quickly earning the respect of her fellow contestants. 

“I really got to know people on a deeper level, which means that I connected on a level other than the surface level that you see around the camp, which then allowed me to walk up to somebody and say, ‘I know we’re not working together, but are you open to —?’,” Kirby shared. 

“To be able to tap into the people skills and connect on their level… and try not to bring them into my game and what I was wanting. Suggestions helped a lot, and if they felt in control and empowered to run their game, even if I’ve suggested something, then I’m all in with them.” 

“I thought that I had fed his ego enough to stay.” (Credit: Ten)

In the latter half of the game, Kirby joined forces with her former rival, Feras Basal, to forge a new alliance to catapult them both to the final two. Despite their cooperation creating some of Survivor’s most seamless blindsides, Feras remained Kirby’s strongest competition – a notion which he became all too aware of in the leadup to Kirby’s elimination. 

Reflecting on the duo’s final strategy conversation, Kirby shared, “I thought that I had fed his ego enough to stay. I think the last comment, or last attempt, I made was [to say], ‘No one here wants to stand next to me at the end because I don’t think they think they can beat me.'”

“When he said, ‘I’m not scared,’ he looked at the jury and realised that maybe it wouldn’t go his way, so I think that was a turning point [in my elimination].'”

“Back yourself and go and play the game.” (Credit: Ten)

Unfortunately for Kirby, her plan to stand alongside Feras in the quest for Sole Survivor did not come to fruition, with the former Rebel receiving four of the five votes at the tribal council. 

While her elimination may come as a great surprise and disappointment for her new wave of loyal fans, Kirby hopes that her time on Australian Survivor will inspire those watching to embrace their next challenge. 

“I hope that they can see what their capabilities are. This is more of an athlete’s perspective, but you can’t play the game like somebody else… Back yourself and go and play the game for what it’s giving you, not for what the last season had.” 

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