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Bachelor In Paradise star Jake Ellis’ feud with MAFS’ Bryce Ruthven

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Jake Ellis from Bachelor In Paradise took to Instagram to savage Married At First Sight contestant Bryce Ruthven for his behaviour on the show.

WATCH BELOW: Bachelor in Paradise star Jake Ellis slams MAFS’ Bryce Ruthven.

Like the rest of Australia, Jake has found himself dragged into the addictive MAFS vortex and is avidly hating watching the show.

The BIP star is currently out of town for work, which he thought would be the perfect time for him to give the show a go, not realising its addictive but toxic power.

Now that he is fully wrapped up by the reality juggernaut, Jake has some opinions that will no doubt be well received by fans of MAFS.

“This guy does my head in.” (Credit: Instagram)

Taking the drama to his Instagram story, Jake posted a video of the show playing on the TV with Bryce making an appearance, and he wrote a sassy comment over the photo, “This guy does my head in.”

But that is not where it ends – Jake then turned the camera onto himself and happily broadcasted his opinion with all guns blazing.

“So, little bit of a rant,” he began, “Biggest part of me wishes I never started watching this absolute train wreak of a show, look, I am away for work, I was bored, I wanted to see what the fuss was about because everyone keeps yapping on about it.

“But like now, like, I am invested, and I am actually disappointed in myself and sort of ashamed, and look I just want to share that.”

To conclude his rant, Jake decided to make one last stab at Bryce, “But at the end of the day, I am still not Bryce.

“So I win, HA!”

Bryce and his wife Melissa. (Credit: Instagram)

It is doubtful that the BIP star will hear a hint of backlash in response to his blatant dig because most of Australia is already feeling the exact same testament.

Every episode, Bryce seems to have find another way to make fans of the show seethe with frustration, from his inappropriate dinner party antics to gas-lighting his wife Melissa, cheating rumours, and reports of a secret girlfriend.

Unlucky in love, Jake took to Instagram recently to make a self-deprecating joke about his love life.

Jake posted a promo picture for The Bachelor featuring Lee Elliot, who won his season and married Georgia Love, and Matty J, who came second on his season but found love on his season of the show and now shares two children with Laura Byrne.

In the middle of Lee and Matty is an image of a man with a question mark over his blacked-out face.

Jake’s lonely boy post. (Credit: Instagram)

The picture included the text, “Are you next to meet THE ONE?”

To top the gag off he captioned the post, “Moral of the story – if applying to be on The Bachelorette… ‘Don’t be a Jake, be like @leeroyelliott & @matthewdavidjohnson’ LOL #thanks #feels.”

Even though he may be feeling a little meh about his dating show history, maybe his dislike of Bryce is giving him some much needed self-confidence and reassurance.

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