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Has the Big Brother Australia 2023 Winner Leaked?

Who will be the last housemate standing?
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Big Brother is officially underway for 2023, with the remaining contestants now reaching the final stages of the competition. 

With tensions rising and alliances beginning to form, the strategic element of life inside the Big Brother house has quickly come into play, with each of the housemates now carefully considering their nominations for each elimination. 

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While some housemates may have adopted more scheming techniques than others, many are eager to uncover which of the housemates will be the last one standing, with fans across the country eagerly awaiting the final elimination.

As the numbers in the house slowly begin to dwindle, fans believe that they have already discovered who will take home the $100,000 prize, with fan forums and betting sites such as Sportsbet providing helpful insight into who fans believe will be the winner of Big Brother Australia for 2023.  

Who will take home the win? (Credit: Seven)

Who will win Big Brother Australia 2023? 

While he may have been the first to win Minee’s heart, fans also believe that Louis’ strategic edge has made him the top contender to take home the Big Brother Australia win, with odds currently sitting on $2.10.

Following closely behind Louis are sisters Tay and Ari, whose recent strategic mindset has fans believing that they are the second most likely to take home the win with odds of $3.50. 

Will Louis take home the Big Brother win? (Credit: Seven)

Although he may be the biggest character of the house, fans believe that Dion’s chances of taking out the Big Brother win are slightly less favourable than his fellow housemates, with his odds of victory sitting in third on $4.33.

Despite capturing the attention of many of the housemates, Perth model Minee appears to have not instilled confidence in Big Brother fans, with odds of $6.00 currently placing Minee in fourth place.

Will Minee take the win from her house-boyfriend Louis? (Credit: Seven)

Trailing far behind Minee in fifth place in Lewis, whose decision to take $5,000 cash instead of returning bestie Graciemae to the competition did not sit well with fans, with Lewis currently odds of $13.00. 

Closely behind Lewis are Josh and Taylah on $15.00 and $17.00. While they may both have strong alliances with their fellow housemates, fans believe that the duo are not strong enough competitors to take home the win. 

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