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Inside Farmer Matt and Olivia’s new life: What happened after the show

What has life been like since the 2023 season of Farmer went to air?

They’re two of the most genetically-blessed couples ever to have graced the Farmer Wants a Wife screen, so what are 2023 season favourites Matt and Olivia up to now?

Sparks flew between NSW sheep and cattle farmer Matt Young and giggly blonde beauty Olivia Benic – who many viewers said reminded them of Guess model Anna Nicole Smith – from the very beginning.

Matt and Olivia on Farmer Wants a Wife
Matt and Olivia on Farmer Wants a Wife

Loving her bubbly personality, Matt asked Olivia to go on their first solo 24 hour date and was instantly smitten.

Their relationship continued to grow throughout the filming of the series – so much so that Matt’s other ladies were left wondering if they had even the slightest chance.

Matt and Olivia knew early they’d found ‘the one’

After the season ended and he had picked Olivia, Matt admitted that trying to give equal time to all of his ladies had been a struggle.

‘’It was hard because we both wanted to respect the other ladies and the process,’’ he told Woman’s Day.

‘’But it didn’t really coincide with how we would’ve lived our lives,’’ Olivia added.

Olivia Benic
Olivia caught Matt’s eye.

She added that both felt they had found ‘’the one’’ early on but had to take things slowly.

‘’I think that made us really strong very early on,’’ she said.

In hindsight, there was never any doubt that it would be Olivia going back to Matt’s sheep and cattle farm in NSW, but what has life been like since the 2023 season went to air?

What happened to Matt and Olivia?

Matt and Olivia are still very much together, regularly sharing their lives with their Instagram followers.

But it hasn’t been all smooth sailing since the pair declared their feelings for each other on FWAW.

Matt decided to leave the family farm to pursue a position with the Department of Agriculture in Canberra, with a view to eventually coming back to the farm.

Olivia, originally from Wollongong, followed her heart and moved to Canberra too, although the pair continue to return to the Bookham farm on weekends.

What have Matt and Olivia been up to this year?

In March this year, the couple took a huge step, buying a property together.

They shared a picture outside their new house with the caption, ‘’Sooo we did a thingggg…!’’

Fans went wild, glad to see the couple were consolidating their relationship with bricks and mortar.

Matt and Olivia
The duo bought a property together

‘’AHHHH OMG I’m so happy for you!’’ wrote fellow 2023 contestant Lorelei Bates.


‘’Amazing, congratulations cuties!’’ wrote another follower.

Overwhelmed by the positive response, Olivia wrote back: ‘’Thank you everyone for the kind words. We are very excited to get started on the renovations and the garden!’’

Are Matt and Olivia engaged?

Fans are wondering if the next natural step is an engagement announcement.

Engagement rumours were sparked when Olivia appeared in one pic on Matt’s Instagram wearing a ring on her left hand.

Matt and Olivia
The pair have sparked rumours of an engagement

‘’Are you and beautiful Olivia engaged?’’ one eagle-eyed observer asked.

While there has been no official word on that, Matt told 7LIFE that they were already talking about the big ticket stuff.

‘’We’re having those conversations about what the future holds and what the next steps look like – looking towards marriage and kids – and I think we’re both on the same page,’’ Matt said.

Watch this space!

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