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It’s official! Love Island Australia stars Lexy and Chris confirm their romance

"No, this was not done behind anybody’s back."
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Are Love Island Australia stars Chris Graudins and Lexy Thornberry dating? After weeks of speculation, the pair have confirmed their new romance!

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There’s so much grafting and couple-swapping on Love Island, it just makes sense it would continue long after the show. 

If you need a refresher, Lexy exited the series after a short-lived fling with Ben Giobbi. She had previously been left heartbroken when her own partner, Ryan Reid, ditched her for Tayla Mellington during a messy Casa Amor week. Chris made it to the finale with his partner, Zoe Clish, and they left the Villa as a couple.

On December 20, one month after the series wrapped, Zoe and Chris announced they would be splitting up.

“We have decided that it’s best we stay as friends rather than in a relationship,” he wrote on Instagram. “We both expected to grow once outside the villa, but unfortunately it’s just not how things turn out sometimes and life happens.”

Just one month later, Lexy and Chris were photographed holding hands on a night out in Sydney after weeks of flirting on social media.

chris and lexy together
They were just friends on the show, but Chris and Lexy’s relationship has transformed outside of the Villa! (Credit: Instagram)

On February 18, the coupled finally confirmed their romance with a joint Instagram post. Sharing photos of themselves enjoying a beach day, they took their relationship public.

“I think I just re-coupled,” the joint caption read. “And before anyone asks, no, this was not done behind anybody’s back. We are all adults. We were honest and open about this situation, there is no bad blood. Just a whole lotta love.”

The post was met with happy comments from fans, with one even writing that they seemed like a great match on the show.

“I was surprised this didn’t happen on the show!” a fan wrote. “You guys match energies! Happy for you two.”

lexy chris
Lexy and Chris confirm their romance! (Credit: Instagram)

Along with hand-holding were the countless hints on Instagram over the past few weeks.

Recently sharing a snap from her visit to an art gallery, Lexy joked: “Went to the gallery so the art could look at me.”

“Which one is the piece of art? I’m confused,” commented Chris.

Lexy and Chris have also been sharing photos from their adventures, including parties and gym sessions. They’ve both been dropping flirty emojis on each other’s posts, and Chris even liked a comment saying they were “so cute” together. 

How does the TikTok song go? Don’t be suspicious, don’t be suspicious.

lexy and chris together love island
Lexy shared these photos from their weekend out together. (Credit: Instagram)

If that wasn’t enough, Chris went on to “soft launch” the relationship on Instagram on February 9. Uploading a photo of himself in a green and white striped shirt, Chris made his caption painfully obvious.

Green stripes, the same colour as her eyes,” he wrote.

“Can ya’ll just go insta official already and call it a day?” one fan wrote.

“WE ALL KNOW AND WE ALL APPROVE!” added another.

While the Love Island fans were enjoying their flirtation and the slow lead-up to their relationship reveal, it’s clear that their co-star Zoe wasn’t.

She has unfollowed her former friend and boyfriend on Instagram and they’ve also unfollowed her.

Zoe also spent a night out with her Love Island co-stars the evening before Lexy and Chris confirmed their romance. She was out on the town with Tina Provis, Rachel Evren, Ari Kumar and Emily Ward. 

But, as Lexy insists, there’s reportedly “no bad blood.”

lexy with zoe and chris
Zoe (right of Chris) has unfollowed both Lexy and Chris. (Credit: Instagram)

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