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Meet the contestants of Married At First Sight Australia 2022

These unlucky-in-love singles will meet at the altar.
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Married At First Sight Australia returns with a brand new cast in 2022, as a fresh batch of single hopefuls put their romantic future into the hands of the series’ love experts. It’s going to be a mess and we can’t wait.

WATCH: First look at Married At First Sight 2022

The show’s ninth season has big shoes to fill, after the finale pulled in 1.4 million viewers last year. Not to mention, it actually delivered on the real-life love stories for once.

Two couples – Melissa Rawson and Bryce Ruthven, and Johnny Balbuziente and Kerry Knight – are still together one year after meeting on the show. Looks like the experts got it right with those couples. Can they pull off matching the perfect couples in 2022?

Speaking of which, experts John Aiken, Mel Schilling and Alessandra Rampolla will all be returning to their roles on the show.

mafs experts
Mel Schilling, Alessandra Rampolla and John Aiken return. (Credit: Nine Network)

But, the most important part of the season will of course be the new brides and grooms looking for love in a somewhat hopeless place. Not to be pessimistic and quote Rihanna there, but there are only five couples still together from Married At First Sight Australia’s previous eight seasons.

Five out of 72 couples? May the odds be ever in your favour, newbies.

So, who can fans look forward to seeing on-screen this year? Well, there’s a florist, model, hairstylist, business executive and DJ in the mix. And of course, a social media influencer or two.

Scroll through to get to know the cast-members, including six new intruders set to join the experiment this week (scroll to the bottom of the article for the newcomers).

Domenica Married at firs sight
(Credit: Nine Network)

Domenica Calarco, 27 

Described as a “feisty” Italian make-up artist, Domenica (who goes by Dom) is a loyal, outgoing and passionate partner. Having been married once before, she’s looking for a love to last – if she can break down her walls.

After being with her former partner for four years, Dom’s first marriage lasted only two months and left her feeling like a “failure” when she made the decision to leave the relationship. Despite being scared to strike out again, Dom is hoping to find chemistry with her next husband and finally have a big Italian family of her own.

ella ding mafs
(Credit: Nine Network)

Ella Ding, 27

Melbourne-based beautician Ella was recognised from the first teaser, with friendships with former MAFS stars Michael Brunelli and Sam Carraro. 

Described as “hot and edgy,” Ella is known as an unapologetic straight-talker with a slight tendency to overshare. She also hates “close-minded and lazy” guys. We love her already. 

Having been single for nine years, Ella wants to find someone who will be her best friend and biggest fan as she searches for “a partner to do life with.” Though, they better bring their A-game in the bedroom, because she believes a strong sexual connection is the marker of a healthy relationship.

holly married at first sight
(Credit: Nine Network)

Holly Greenstein, 36

Cinema manager Holly is “desperate” to meet the love of her life so she can make her life-long dream of becoming a mother come true. 

Holly almost found her happily ever after with an ex, taking on the role of stepmother after falling in love with not only him, but his kids. However her dreams were dashed when he told her he didn’t want any more children.

Open and honest about her concerns about her “biological clock,” Holly has come to the experts for help in finding her Mr. Right. Here’s hoping they deliver.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Olivia Frazer, 27

A teaching student hailing from NSW, the sweet and bubbly Olivia is seeking help to find a nice guy after finding herself “constantly” with the wrong type of man in the past.

Taking a break from dating to care for her terminally ill father, Olivia says her Saturday night’s now consist of knitting and watching movies. She’s got a lot of love to give, but needs help in the self-confidence department to get out there again. Experts, you better not do Olivia dirty with her match. We’re watching you.

samantha olivia-married-at-first-sight
(Credit: Nine Network)

Samantha Moitzi, 26

Fashion brand manager Samantha has everything covered in the wardrobe department, with her fashion design taking up so much of her time that there’s little left to focus on romance. 

And who could blame her? Samantha’s last great love ended when she discovered her partner of four years, who she hoped to marry, had cheated on her. The betrayal left her devastated and with serious trust issues when it comes to men.

Now that she’s built her confidence back up, Samantha has high expectations and knows it will take A LOT for a new man to capture her heart.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Selin Mengu, 32

Model and executive assistant Selin will be going on her first date in three years when she walks down the aisle on MAFS. Yep, she’s been single for a few years after welcoming her son in 2019.

Hoping to check her “mum guilt” at the door, Selin is hoping to find true love and a “good man” by joining the marriage experiment. She wants to find a husband who will be honest, faithful, and someone who will be on her and her son’s team for life.

selina chaur mafs
(Credit: Nine Network)

Selina Chhaur, 32

Award-winning Hairstylist Selina has a face you might recognise. She starred on the short-lived dating series The Proposal, where she began a brief fling with former Love Island star Aaron Shaw

A self-sufficient businesswoman with her own four-bedroom house, she’s looking for someone to build a life and raise a family with in her home. She says if her parents had their way she would already be married to an older, wealthy Asian.

Out to prove them wrong by not only succeeding in her career (which she says made her the black sheep of the family), Selina is hoping the experts can also help in her quest for true love.

tamara mafs
(Credit: Nine Network)

Tamara Djordjevic, 29

Queensland-based operations manager Tamara describes herself as an “Alpha” personality, so we’re already keeping an eye on this one. 

Financially independent and owning her own home, she is successful in her career and incredibly ambitious. She has no interest in “carrying” a partner (good for her) and needs a man who matches her energy and drive.

Apparently she gets bored easily by the guys she is dating and needs the help of the MAFS experts in finding everlasting love with someone who can match her “high expectations.”

al married at first sight
(Credit: Nine Network)

Al Perkins, 25

A carpenter from NSW, Al is described as cheeky and loveable. Another way to describe Al would be “stay at home son.” He’s still living with his parents (his mum does his cooking, cleaning and washing) and has never had a serious girlfriend – so, he knows it’s time to grow up.

But Al’s biggest roadblock in having a committed relationship is his fear of rejection, admitting he’s “worried” about what could happen when he turns around and sees his bride for the first time at the altar.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Andrew Davis, 39

“Larger than life Texan” Andrew – who goes by ‘Tex’ – will also be joining the cast this year. 

Twice-divorced, he moved to Australia four years ago with his second wife. While their marriage didn’t work out, they amicably share custody of their two-year-old daughter.

Andrew’s hoping to find someone who can match his spontaneity, has a sense of humour, and is keen to have more children.

anthony married at first sight
(Credit: Nine Network)

Anthony Cincotta, 38

When he’s not working a 9-5 job in sales, Anthony has a unique alter-ego as a performer: his wrestling persona Tommy Hellfire. An actor-turned-pro-wrestler, Anthony is described as the “quintessential swoon-worthy man born from romance novels.”

But if that’s the case, why is he single? Anthony says he gets plenty of attention but finds himself pursuing “the wrong women.” He’s looking for help from the experts to find a woman who can match his drive and excitement for life.

He’s also keen to find the “Morticia to my Gomez,” but she must love kids as he’s got a nine-year-old daughter.

married at first sight brent
(Credit: Nine Network)

Brent Vitiello, 33

Influencer Brent recently returned to Australia from his life in Dubai, where he worked for seven years in events management.

Having to return to Australia when the pandemic began and decimated the hospitality industry, Brent says his confidence took a knock. Now determined to rebuild his life back in Australia, the contestant says finding a life partner is key.

While his bio indicates he’s a “sensitive” and “non-judgmental” guy, his requirement for a wife includes needing to have “well-maintained feet” at all times. So, make of that what you will.

married at first sight cody
(Credit: Nine Network)

Cody Bromley, 30

A swim coach and personal trainer, Cody spent much of his 20s travelling the world and “living an adventurous life” – now it’s time to put romance first. He’s described as “easy going” and wants a “partner in crime,” so we know he’s written a few Tinder bios in his time.

He likes to spend the afternoon at the beach with his friends in Sydney’s Northern Beaches and wants someone to continue sharing adventures with. While he’s got some walls up – including being uncomfortable with PDA – Cody hopes his perfect person will love and accept him as he is.

married at first sight
(Credit: Nine Network)

Jack Millar, 26

A financial planner, DJ and dog dad, Jack is described as a “charismatic and likeable” guy who gets along with everyone. Hmmm, we’ll see when you attend your first dinner party, Jack.

Spending his weekdays in a 9-5 job, Jack wants to find someone who can share his passion for music and adventure on the weekends. He’s looking for someone who is “fun, passionate and ready to give anything a try.” 

jackson married at first sight
(Credit: Nine Network)

Jackson Lonie, 30

A plumber from Victoria, Jackson calls himself the “class clown” and is described as upbeat and outgoing.

Jackson grew up as the eldest of five kids and took on the role of “protective older brother” to his younger sisters and mum. Protecting his family from violent stepfathers, Jackson was determined to ensure that the women in his life were safe.

Because of his experiences, Jackson says he has a deep respect for women and is looking for a committed relationship he can nurture.

mitch mafs
(Credit: Nine Network)

Mitch, 26

A financial planner and model, this Queensland-based contestant claims to be “tired” of the online dating scene.

He’s never spent more than two consecutive nights with a girl in his life, but says his “party boy image” isn’t who he really is. Admitting the experts will have their work cut out for them, Mitch joins the experiment to learn the tools to finding a genuinely committed relationship.

Now, let’s get to know those intruders…

carolina intruder mafs
(Credit: Nine Network)

Carolina, 33

Carolina is a successful business owner and mother-of-one, having fallen pregnant at 15 to her high school boyfriend. Carolina raised her son as a single mother with the support of her family in Brazil. She admits that her son, now 16, has shaped her dating life and says she has always struggled to find a good man with the same passion she thrives on.

Described as passionate and filter-free when it comes to relationships, we can’t wait to see what kind of groom the experts have in store for this gorgeous gal.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Jessica, 27

A retail assistant from Victoria, Jessica is someone who likes to stay positive no matter what life throws her way. Her parents are her best friends and, as they celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary, she’s looking for her own perfect marriage.

She experienced great loss at the age of 12, when her sister died of cancer, leaving her an only child and leading her to “grow up quicker.” As a result, she developed a fear of abandonment which extended to dating. Having often found herself with men who treat her badly, Jess is turning to the experts for help.

kate mafs
(Credit: Nine Network)

Kate, 38

Kate has never been in a relationship before, and has never had anyone say “I love you” to her. With a dating history full of rejection, she signed up to MAFS seeking help from the experts.

Living with her equally single twin sister, Kate wants to shake up her routine of dating the wrong guys and spending her evenings alone at home. Here’s hoping the experts can make a match for Kate!

mafs daniel
(Credit: Nine Network)

Daniel, 30

A personal trainer, Daniel turned to fitness to “save his life” after a turbulent childhood. Daniel and his siblings went to live with their dad after their parents separated. Home life with his alcoholic father was incredibly unstable and he didn’t have a relationship with his mother. Then at 17, his older brother took his own life.

He found solace in fitness and turned it into his profession, but now he’s looking for someone to build a life with. He also took on a fatherly role to his seven-year-old niece – his “most important person in the world” – when she was born, and his goal is to be a role model to her, to show her a healthy relationship and a stable family environment of his own.

dion mafs
(Credit: Nine Network)

Dion, 33

Oh, boy. Dion is described as loving the “finer things” in life like designer clothes, cars, boats and helicopters. Kind of sounds like he’d be the right match for Tamara, to be honest. Too bad she’s already taken. 

Despite living a life of glamour, Dion is described as generous, kind and caring. A family man, he just wants someone to bring into his big Italian family – and have someone to introduce to his Nonna and Nonno.

(Credit: Nine Network)

Matthew, 39

Another contestant who previously made a journey down the aisle, Matt and his ex-wife split after seven years of marriage and he’s been single ever singe. They went through years of unsuccessful IVF before fostering children, 27 in total, but the stress and heartache of wanting their own family took its toll on the relationship.

Matt hasn’t given up on his dreams of becoming a dad, and believes that he is destined to fall in love again.

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Nine Network and 9Now.

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