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All the MAFS stars who joined OnlyFans after the show

MAFS alum Ines Basic reveals why it's become so popular.
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Married At First Sight stars seem to be joining OnlyFans by the boatload these days, with more ex-brides and -grooms signing up for the adult subscription site following the show’s ninth season airing in 2022.

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While it’s easy to assume that the season nine cast decided to join after a very public OnlyFans scandal played out on their season, boosting bride Domenica Calarco’s following on the site, that’s not the only reason.

MAFS stars have been quietly making bank on OnlyFans for years now, with season six icons like Jessika Power, Tamara Joy and Ines Basic pioneering the reality TV to OnlyFans content creator pipeline.

Speaking exclusively to WHO, Ines says MAFS alums have the unique ability to draw in huge subscriber numbers – and therefore cash – overnight due to their reality TV star status.

Reality TV stars have the potential to attract mass social media followings over night in comparison to someone who is building a following from scratch,” she says, but don’t expect instant and ever-lasting success.

“It definitely helps but each person’s success would vary and can depend on other factors.”

Ines has had a lucrative OnlyFans account for over a year. (Credit: Instagram)

“How consistently you’re producing new content, the level and quality of content you are distributing, how you’re engaging on the site, if you’re putting yourself across other platforms such as TikTok and Twitter all have the ability to impact success rate,” she continued.

Ines made more than $80,000 in her first month on OnlyFans and has kept her earnings consistent by “remaining engaged and involved” with followers. She also created a TikTok account, where she’s made plenty of new fans.

While she agrees that joining OnlyFans in a good way for reality stars to make money after appearing on shows like MAFS, there are dangers to sharing racy content as a public figure.

Leaks are unfortunately to be expected. I have an online copyright removal service agency ‘Airase’ scanning the web daily for any content that has been illegally distributed. My best advice to anyone who is on OnlyFans is to make sure they have that level of protection,” she explains.

After seeing the OnlyFans scandal unfold on season nine of MAFS, it’s easy to see why leaked photos would put many people off starting an account.

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So why do so many MAFS alums still seem eager to sign up? Ines says it has a lot to do with the “huge cultural shift” around the site in recent years.

“More people seem to be finding outlets to create multiple streams of income online, OnlyFans being one of them. More people are working from home. More people are spending their time online in general,” she says.

“The stigma surrounding OnlyFans seems to be fading out. TikTok is allowing users to be incredibly transparent and raw.”

It’s a shift other MAFS stars like Jess Power have cashed in on, the blonde bombshell claiming she makes around $120,000 each month through the adult content sharing platform.

With so many MAFS stars joining the platform, it’s hard to keep track of them all so we’ve rounded up the most prolific MAFS stars who have joined OnlyFans after the show here.

(Credit: Instagram)

Jessika Power – season six

She’s probably the most well-known MAFS star on OnlyFans and after launching her account in 2021, Jess made a whopping $50,000 in just five days on the site, suggesting a very lucrative career ahead.

“I do my OnlyFans because honestly it brings in a fabulous income – it is ridiculous the amount of money I have earnt in the last four months – [and] it allows me to be a provider for my family,” she told the Daily Telegraph in December 2021.

Now she only ever flies first class and makes more than $100,000 each month from her subscribers alone, according to the Daily Mail.

As for critics, Jess has no time for them, saying in a previous Instagram Story: “Within the last hour of me making that little rant about the exclusive website … I’ve got $2,000 worth of subscribers… I am going to cry all the way to the bank.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Ines Basic – season six

Though she’s kept a low public profile since her stint on MAFS, Ines has found huge success on OnlyFans, where she has already earned hundreds of thousands of dollars from fans.

“As soon as I made an announcement saying I was doing OnlyFans I had hundreds of message requests,” she told the Daily Mail in 2021.

“My fans are so respectful and it creates an environment where I feel comfortable to truly be myself and bring out my sexual alter ego.”

Just one month after starting her account, Ines had already raked in more than $80,000 in subscriptions and that was back in mid-2021. If her earnings stay consistent – which she tells us they have – she could stand to make almost $1 million in her first year on the site.

(Credit: Instagram)

Tamara Joy – season six

This MAFS bride joined OnlyFans in late 2021 and quickly made a name for herself on the site, posing in lingerie and seductive selfies.

Charging subscribers just $15 for access to exclusive content, the star could stand to rake in a fair chunk of cash if enough fans sign up.

She regularly promotes her profile on Instagram too, so we have no doubt the brunette beauty gets plenty of interest.

(Credit: Instagram)

Amanda Micallef – season seven

It may come as a surprise to see Amanda – one half of MAFS‘ first same-sex couple – on this list, but women just seem to love her OnlyFans content.

After joining the site in 2021, Amanda promised fans something a little different on her page, writing on Instagram: “It doesn’t have to be porn, strictly. It can be used for education… certain fetishes, but I’m going to be exploring a side to me that I embrace, and that is my dominant side.”

Since then she’s shared plenty of content to her account, which she regularly promotes across her other social media pages.

(Credit: Instagram)

Mishell Karen – season seven

Another surprising OnlyFans star, Mishell signed up for the site to make money to support her two children after losing her job in 2021.

“Being a single mum, I have never really had extra cash to do much with or to live an extravagant life, but I just don’t want my children to have to struggle to pay bills or be in debt,” she told the Daily Telegraph in 2022.

Initially earning between $5,000 to $7,000 each month, Mishell told the Daily Mail her earnings skyrocketed to $20,000 per month when she started doing more X-rated content.

“I have earned a really nice amount of money to help us through this difficult time. Well, at least I can pay my new mortgage for a few months,” she told the outlet.

(Credit: Instagram)

Hayley Vernon – season seven

After joining the platform in 2020, Hayley said in the Channel Ten Mirror Mirror documentary that she was making around $30,000 per month from her racy and X-rated content.

She was able to use her Instagram following, which saw a massive boost after she appeared on MAFS, to “draw traffic to OnlyFans” and increase her profits.

Adding that it was “incredibly empowering” to “profit from [her] own work”, Hayley hit a snag when her Instagram account was taken down and at the time of writing she doesn’t appear to have a public profile on the site.

But that didn’t hurt her earnings, as the former bride told The Wash for a doco:  “So I’ve been doing OnlyFans for I’d say two years now and I’ve made over $1.3 million. It’s not bad at the end of the day.

“I never thought I’d be a girl in this situation. I was an ice addict for the biggest part of my adult life. The way in which my life is today, I could never, ever have imagined.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Alana Lister – season eight

“People have a problem with anything I do either way. Women should be allowed to feel sexy,” Alana told the Daily Mail of her decision to join OnlyFans in mid-2021.

With more than 3,000 subscribers paying just under $10 each month to access her raunchy content, the former MAFS star is believed to be earning close to $30,000 per month. Not bad at all!

She regularly posts lingerie and bikini selfies on Instagram but saves the X-rated content for her OnlyFans page, which she keeps linked in her Instagram bio.

(Credit: Instagram)

Jaimie Gardner – season eight

After being “inspired” by season nine star Domenica Calarco, Jaimie decided to take the plunge and join OnlyFans in June 2022.

Sharing the news on Instagram, she said: “It’s something I’ve been thinking about for a while, sort of since Domenica’s ‘my body my choice’ movement.

“I set up an account and it’s been a couple of weeks but I’ve been a bit nervous, so here I am… if you ask me what kind of content I’m putting up there, you’ll have to go find out.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Domenica Calarco – season nine

Domenica actually had an OnlyFans account before she appeared on MAFS, sparking a huge scandal when fellow bride Olivia Frazer found the page and shared it with other members of the cast.

Speaking about the OnlyFans scandal to WHO, Domencia said: “It’s very confronting to watch and I think it was also confronting for the public to watch also.”

It sparked one of 2022’s biggest reality TV feuds and plenty of conversation around the site itself, but it also gave Domenica a huge boost in popularity on the platform.

Despite deactivating her account around the time of the MAFS scandal, Domenica returned to the site in May 2022, charging fans just over $10 to access her content.

(Credit: Instagram)

Olivia Frazer – season nine

After her role in the MAFS scandal, fans were more than a little surprised when Olivia launched her own OnlyFans page in May of 2022, soon after losing her student teaching job.

The star reportedly made $10,000 in the first 12 hours after gaining roughly 100 new subscribers, but fans wondered why she would join OnlyFans if she wanted to pursue a teaching career.

“I don’t want to live my life dictated by a career. Don’t get me wrong, I love teaching and I’m a fantastic teacher,” she replied in a rare Instagram Q and A.

“[But] teachers are expected to be squeaky clean and have never made a mistake in their life and it’s just a very unforgiving culture surrounding the profession. I’ve made some very big public mistakes. Although I love [teaching] I just don’t think it’s for me ultimately.”

(Credit: Instagram)

Jackson Lonie – season nine

Following in his girlfriend’s footsteps, Jackson signed up for OnlyFans in June 2022 and promised to create content with Olivia in the future.

But fans and fellow MAFS alums weren’t impressed with his announcement, as it came just days after he was caught kissing another woman, sparking a cheating scandal many are now calling a “publicity stunt”.

Season eight star Liam Cooper publicly questioned whether the whole scandal was set up by Jackson and Olivia to promote their OnlyFans accounts.

“Now tell me the kiss wasn’t a set up for both their OF accounts and media around it?” he wrote, while other MAFS stars shared their own theories – read them all here.

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