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Which couples are still together from The Bachelors 2023?

The love for two of our three couples unfortunately has not lasted...
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It’s been less than 24 hours since The Bachelors finale aired, and two out of the three finale couples have already announced their separation.

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Given filming of this season of the polarising franchise wrapped up six months ago, it comes as no shock that some of our lovebirds have drifted apart but it doesn’t make for the fairytale ending that viewers were holding out for.

Thomas said it was ”with sadness” that his engagement with Leah had ended. (Credit: Ten)

Thomas & Leah

Despite professing their undying love for each other, Thomas and Leah weren’t meant to be.

Shortly after the finale aired, the former couple confirmed they had already gone their separate ways.

”I think it was two or three months after the finale,” Thomas told 10Play.

”We had an amazing time together, and we spent incredible moments together on the show and also after the show…but we realised, spending time together, we had lots of love and care for each other but we weren’t compatible and compatibility is so important.”

”We made the decision to stay friends, to still support one another but obviously go our different routes finding love.”

Leah added, ”I’m devastated to this day I didn’t get what I wanted from it [their relationship], but I also found so much more from it”

”I love who I am now, I can look at myself in the mirror like damn Leah you should be so proud of yourself. I gave something a go and I didn’t hold anything back.”

The Bachelors
This split came as no surprise to fans. (Credit: Ten)

Felix & Jess

We are sure that the news that Felix and Jess aren’t still together isn’t exactly shocking for readers of this article.

After the drama that was Jess and her views on monogamy, her side boyfriend Damien and her inability to make up her mind about what she was after in a relationship with Felix, it was surprising that Felix wanted to pursue a relationship with Jess in the outside world.

But alas, it wasn’t meant to be.

Moments after the finale aired the former couple confirmed that they had gone their separate ways.

”I’ve been in a long-distance relationship in the past and it’s incredibly strenuous because if you feel strongly about someone, you want them to always be around you. With us, we didn’t know when the show was going to air or what was going to happen,” Felix told 10Play.

”We’re still on great terms, we’re still incredibly close and we’ve chatted throughout the process..we’re on great terms.”

Jess then added that it had been difficult to ”kick off a relationship.”

”As someone who really values communication and who loves a good D&M, I felt like Felix and I had very different perspectives on what that would look like, and we just kind of lacked that communication,” she said.

”I still care for him as a person and I think he was a massive part of my life, I would never want to discredit that, but from the get go, I knew he wasn’t going to be my life partner and he deserves someone who is completely all the way in and not half in.”

As for Damien, he has yet to put out an ”official” statement, but something tells us that we will hear from him soon. For all we know he and Jess have even come back together since filming wrapped.

Jed and Alesia have shown us that love isn’t dead! (Credit: Ten)

Jed & Alesia

Whilst their other couple counterparts have called it quits, Jed and Alesia have proved that love isn’t dead, confirming that their love for one another is as strong as ever!

The drummer had a rocky start to The Bachelors (he was rejected by the first girl he went on a blind date with and then threw a tantrum about it) but he grew along the way, becoming the most likeable Bachelor out of the three, which let’s be real, no one expected.

Dropping to one knee, Jed told Alesia: ”I have completely fallen in love with you, and I have honestly never felt the way I do about you with anyone else in my life.”

Whilst the couple aren’t officially ‘engaged’ as such, Alesia agreed to wear the ring as a symbol of their ongoing commitment to one another.

”I am falling for you and I hope you do know how much I want to be with you and I’ll put this ring on any finger you want,” Alesia told Jed.

”But that doesn’t mean I’ll marry you.”

Following the finale, Jed told 10Play that he and Alesia were in a ”really good place.”

”We’re taking it day by day and are excited to actually just have a coffee with each other and live a normal life after this,” he said.

”We’ve had to hold a relationship together by phone and text,” Alesia said, ”to not have actually have gotten out to have a coffee with someone is so odd in a dating sense.

”It’ll be good that we can actually go out and do that and see what it’s like to be with each other in a normal setting.”

Despite this something tells us that these two will announce their split soon.

According to Yahoo Lifestyle, Jed was seen ‘approaching women’ while out in Kings Cross in Sydney just one month after filming ended.

”He seemed very single,” a source told the publication.

Jed also released a song about heartbreak called ‘Drown’ in October.

This article originally appeared on our sister site, NowToLove.

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