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The Bachelors’ girls group chat has leaked and the messages are appalling

"This ain't worth my time arguing with a worm like her."
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Despite this year’s The Bachelors villain, Tash Candyce, walking out of the show last night, the drama seems to be just heating up.

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According to alleged group chat messages leaked to The Wash, the tension between the girls following the MAFS-esque OnlyFans scandal has extended beyond the camera, with Marj and Tash arguing with Ella and Jasmine in a text chain.

The screenshots start with Tash’s best friend in the house, Marj, accusing what appears to be Jasmine of “throw(ing) shade at Tash”.

“You might want to reframe what you just said you sound a bit silly darling,” she begind. “That obviously cut a bit deep no you told us on the lounge they told me to just stand up there and wait? Or did you not lol Spite me? The rose was suppose to go to someone who genuinely had a connection or we’re both party’s wanted to give it a go and we all know who deserved that rose.”

It seems The Bachelors drama extends beyond the screen. (Credit: Ten)

At this point, co-star Ella Thiele – who also walked out of the mansion – jumped in to diffuse the situation, writing: “Perhaps we should move on from this conversation, there’s obviously differing opinions and it might be better to agree to disagree?”

Marj then replied: “Agreed this ain’t worth my time arguing with a worm like her.”

The next message came from Jasmine, who thanked Ella for her support, writing: “Ella you’re beautiful, couldn’t agree more. This nasty girl sh-t is just gross.”

The alleged screenshots. (Credit: The Wash)

But the drama didn’t end there, with Tash doubling down and calling Jasmine a “f–king idiot”.

“I’m sorry you’re not relevant and didn’t make the daily mail like I did… your the only one who keeps going on about the daily mail why don’t you reach out to them and ask them for a shout out for your “only fans” I never even laughed about that thing so get your facts straight honey.

“I was just shocked that he didn’t tell me, when we have a right to know but of course you would know how production work.”

Marj then jumped back in to say: “Don’t know who ya calling a muppet sweet heart you look like a squashed toilet roll.”

Tash was this year’s “villain”. (Credit: Ten)

The screenshots ended with Tash saying: “Jasmine you’re so weird ! Please stop talking to me. I’m sorry the daily mail don’t find you interesting or any of the guys on the show.”

Ahead of Tash’s walk-out on last night’s episode of The Bachelors, WHO spoke to the villain about her experience on the show – and the 31-year-old admitted she had no regrets about exposing Jasmine’s OnlyFans to the group. 

“To be honest, all the girls knew about (Jasmine) having an OnlyFans account, so 10/10 acting from those girls,” Tash told WHO exclusively.

“I didn’t bring it up to Jed. Everyone knew about it. So that’s that,” she ends.

Jasmine swapped from Jed’s team to Thomas’. (Credit: Ten)

Tash also claimed that Jasmine’s intentions for swapping from Jed to Thomas’ team weren’t pure, saying: “I feel like she’s just trying to stay in the house to get a rose because obviously Jed and I have a great connection and she couldn’t compete with that.

She added that Jasmine was “the most difficult person to get along with in the house”.

“She was like blow fly that just wouldn’t leave me alone.”

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