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Are The Bachelors’ Jed and Alésia really still together? Here’s what we know

Consider us confused.
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Despite all three of this year’s bachelors falling in love by the finale, two of the couples have already split. 

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Yep, Felix Von Hofe and Thomas Malucelli barely waited for the credits to stop rolling before they announced their break-ups from Jess and Leah respectively.

As for Jed McIntosh, it’s sort of unclear where he and his winner Alésia stand these days.

Are these two still together? Here’s what we know. (Credit: Ten)

During the final episode, after completely perplexing his runner-up Angela when he turned her down, Jed got on one knee for Alésia with a Larsen Jewellery champagne yellow gold ring (despite her insistence she was not ready for a proposal).

Clearly baffled, Alésia stumbled with an answer, prompting Jed to quickly stand back up and say that he wasn’t “rushed with (his) feelings,” essentially taking back the proposal and saying the ring was merely a symbol of commitment. 

“I am falling for you,” Alésia assured him, saying she will put the ring on any finger that he wanted, as long as he wasn’t proposing just yet. 

“I’ll ask you again one day,” Jed said. 

“I am falling for you,” Alésia assured Jed. (Credit: Ten)

So, just what has happened since the cameras stopped rolling?

Well, both Felix and Alésia have shared posts to Instagram that are slightly ambiguous. 

Jed posted a photo of himself and his winner from their final day on set, writing: “I found myself in loving you.”

Meanwhile, Alésia shared an old photo from a rose ceremony, penning: “You’ve been my safe place until this day. The support you give is unlike any other I’ve ever had before. Regardless of what capacity we are in, I am lucky to be doing this thing called life with you in it.”

The pair shared a kiss during an appearance on The Project. (Credit: Ten)

While no break-up was ever mentioned, the phrase “regardless of what capacity we are in” prompted fans to speculate about the state of their relationship.

However, it is worth nothing that both Instagram accounts still seem to be managed by a third party (if their respective bios are anything to go by).

Alessia and Jed also appeared together on The Project to talk about life after The Bachelors, seeming very coupley as they held hands. The former was even wearing the “commitment” ring Jed ‘proposed’ with.

When new host Sarah Harris requested the pair kiss on camera, they both hesitated (clearly put on the spot) before sharing a quick peck.

So for now, it seems they’re still together. Though we’re not exactly sure in what “capacity” this may be. As long as they’re happy, we call that a success.

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