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Osher Günsberg’s risky comeback to The Bachelors backlash

"Come on man. Don't be salty at everyone. The show sucks."
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Osher Günsberg is absolutely ~not~ here for any The Bachelors slander, with his latest Instagram exchange proving just how vehemently he will defend the show (even in the cheekiest of fashions).

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Every year, it seems an increasing number of viewers tire of The Bachelor franchise. For 2023, the show (dubbed The Bachelors) debuted to its lowest ratings yet – with a total of 439,000 viewers for the first episode.

It seems the series doesn’t have the same chokehold on reality television fans as it used to, and people are letting Osher know.

After the host shared a photo with this year’s bachies – Felix Von Hofe, Jed McIntosh and Thomas Malucelli – he received a few, um, mixed opinions about the dating show.

Osher shared this photo of the (Credit: Ten)

“I didn’t even know this show was still a thing 😂,” one user wrote.

Unlike the contestants, Osher actually has control of his Instagram account throughout the Bachelor season. And he was not letting this particular comment slide, replying: “It sure is, and so is your Mum’s mobile number 😉.”

The equal parts classic but risky “your mum” joke seemed to amuse the 48-year-old presenter, as he recycled it for another reply.

It was prompted by a follower who wrote: “Come on man. Don’t be salty at everyone. The show sucks. You don’t. The show does.”

Osher shot back: “For you perhaps, however for hundreds of thousands of others – it’s excellent. Different people like different things. Like your mother for example. She likes people that aren’t you’re dad. Just trust me on how I know that one 😉.”

Jed opened up to frontrunner Alésia about his style and experiences with bullying. (Credit: Ten)

It wasn’t just the ‘bachelor sucks’ remarks that caught Osher’s eye, no no… he also responded to some polarising commentary about Jed’s coat.

“What in the world is that Jed guy wearing ? 😂,” a user queried, to which the former Australian Idol host replied: “Straight swagger that’s what.”

Some followers, however, were big fans of the fashion piece, with former Bachelor star Tara Pavlovic writing: “Can you ask Jed where he got his kaftan from? I need it.”

Not missing a chance to promote the show, Osher replied: “Oh mate he is 1000%. On the batch account they tag his styling… x.”

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“Thanks Osh,” Tara affectionally responded.

During his Bachelor experience, Jed has owned his fashion choices. He even opened up to one of his frontrunner’s, Alésia, about the bullying he once received with regards to his style (toxic masculinity strikes again).

While Alésia and most of the other girls have been in the bachie boy’s corner, it seems that some of the contestants haven’t been as supportive.

Following her elimination from the mansion, Jasmine Absolom dished on the intense argument that broke out in a group chat about Jed’s identity.

“Somebody was talking about Jed’s sexuality, and they weren’t talking about it in a very nice way.” (Credit: Ten)

“It genuinely started because somebody was talking about Jed’s sexuality, and they weren’t talking about it in a very nice way,” she told WHO.

“It was a very bad comment. It just was very uncomfortable and some of the girls were laughing about it, I stepped in and just said that it wasn’t okay. It’s just disrespectful. That’s how the b-tchiness got to the point that it did. It wasn’t nice.

“I could have calmed the situation down at some point, but I think I was also so heated at the time that we were having this fight that I wasn’t letting off. But it’s not nice to make fun of someone’s sexuality, and if you’re gonna do that, I’m gonna call it out, and if you’re gonna get upset and throw a tantrum over the fact that you got caught out doing something wrong, then that’s on you.”

Read our complete interview with Jasmine right here.

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