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Everyone who’s been booted from The Challenge so far

They're gone!
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The inaugural Australian season of The Challenge has officially kicked off and we’ve already been blessed (or cursed) with plenty of drama. 

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From Married At First Sight alum Cyrell Paule screaming over a bed, to ‘turned-over-a-new-leaf’ Ciarran Stott hopping into a shower with a fellow contestant (while having a girlfriend back home), The Challenge is already looking like a fiery version of Survivor meets Love Island. And it’s only just begun!

But who has what it takes to make it to the end? And who’s been pipped at the post? 

Scroll on to see who’s left The Challenge Australia so far. 

Suzan Mutesi and Billy Dib
Suzan Mutesi and Billy Dib. (Credit: Ten)

Suzan Mutesi and Billy Dib

After ending in the elimination challenge with fellow contestants Jack Vidgen and Cyrell Paule, influencer Suzan Mutesi and pro boxer Billy Dib were sadly beat out in the show’s first episode, ending their journey before it truly began.

In an interview with WHO following his exit, the pro boxer, who has been diagnosed with an aggressive and rare form of non-Hodgkins lymphoma cancer, said he’s “fighting the good fight”.

“There’s a lot to live for. I have my beautiful son, my beautiful wife, my mother, my siblings, my friends, my family, my fans,” he told us. “This is an opportunity for me to show some serious resilience and courage in overcoming this disease that you can’t see. I can’t fight this disease with my fists. I have to be mentally ready and willing to go through something that I can’t fight physically. So it’s quite a journey itself.”

Jack Vidgen and Audrey Kanongara. (Credit: Ten)

Jack Vidgen and Audrey Kanongara

Up against Emily Seebohm and David Subritzky during the elimination challenge, Jack Vidgen and Audrey Kanongara were neck-and-neck until the Olympian took out the win, and the latter team had to say their goodbyes.

David Subritzky and Jessica Brody. (Credit: Ten)

David Subritzky and Jessica Brody

The third elimination challenge saw Grant and Kiki against David and Jessica. It involved heavy lifting and spelling – an awful combination in anyone’s book. In the end, the former couple reigned victorious while the latter was sent packing. 

(Credit: Ten)

Cyrell Paule and Johnny Eastoe

Challenge winners Troy and Emily chose Conor and Megan to go up against Cyrell and Johnny for a puzzle elimination task. In the end, it was the latter couple’s time to go.

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