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Inside Tom Williams’ wholesome marriage

The Dancing With The Stars contestant and his wife have each other's back.
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Tom Williams and Rachel Gilbert have been together for seven years, and as well as being an Australian TV identity, Dancing With The Star’s Tom is a devoted husband and father.

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WATCH BELOW: Tom Williams and Rachel Gilbert welcome their second baby.

Tom, 50, met his wife and fashion designer Rachel Williams Gilbert at the famous Cleo Bachelor of The Year party in 2011.

The couple had an instant and undeniable bond that made it abundantly clear the two were meant to be together. 

So, things became pretty serious for the couple early on in their relationship, and after a mere eight months of dating the couple headed down the aisle in a glamorous ceremony at Sydney’s Rose Bay.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my darling husband.” Rachel Gilbert (left) has previously gushed about her husband Tom Williams (right). (Credit: Instagram)

Although Rachel had purchased a Vera Wang gown, she changed her mind last minute and designed her own dress to be more authentic.

She told TheFix, “It did not feel right not to wear one of my own designs. So, three weeks prior to my wedding day, I designed and made my wedding gown and [was] very happy that I had.”

It is clear that Rachel is still smitten with her TV star husband, and on his birthday, she posted the sweet message: “A big shout out to this beautiful human. My husband. My best friend. I am your number 1 fan. Always. Happy birthday my darling.”

Of course, the designer proved she is his biggest fan by supporting her man on his I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! journey in 2020 with a sweet Instagram message.

“I couldn’t be more proud of my darling husband tonight! Conquering his greatest fear of snakes! Brave, determined and never a quitter. I love you,” she penned.

Tom competed on I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! in 2020. (Credit: Instagram)

In a 2015 interview with Daily Life, Rachel opened up about her relationship and how Tom makes her feel “safe.”

“He is a strong man’s man and makes me feel safe and protects me and our daughter Storm.”

She also mentioned that when the couple met, they were on the same journey, which is why they were able to start discussing creating a family so early on in their relationship.

“We were both on the same path and had the same values. It wasn’t difficult to discuss this with him because he knew where I was coming from.”

Tom and Rachel share two children, a daughter called Storm, born in January 2014 and a daughter named Sloane, born in November 2015. (Credit: Instagram)

Now that Tom is returning to Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars competition, it is clear he is sure to receive the most loving support from his wife, on Instagram and in private.

Tom and Rachel share two children, a daughter called Storm, born in January 2014 and a daughter named Sloane, born in November 2015.

However, Tom has been candid about the difficulties the couple faced when trying to make a family.

When he was a host on The Daily Edition, he made the brave admission about their tough pregnancy journey.

He said, “We’ve been trying for a while. These guys have babies (his co-hosts)… and I felt really left out, and I thought I really need to fit in with this bunch.”

Tom has famously discussed the important topic of better paid paternity leave, and he has admitted that as a Channel Seven employee he has been lucky to be offered a good balance between work and family life. 

He told Men’s Health, “The time I was on The Daily Edition, the work schedule was very good – I could spend all morning at home taking care of the girls while Rachel went off to work.”

“I could spend all morning at home taking care of the girls while Rachel went off to work.” (Credit: Instagram)

In 15 years, life has changed drastically for the TV star, especially because last time Tom was on DWTS, he was linked to his dance partner Kym Wilson, but they broke up soon after and the US-based dancer is now married to her DWTS US co-star Robert Herjavec.

Now though, he will be sambaing or waltzing into Rachael’s arms after he puts his dance shoes away every night. 

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