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Where is First Dates Australia filmed? See inside the romantic new location

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The happy-go-lucky and often very awkward reality series, First Dates Australia, is back. And there’s a stunning new location to set the scene for the lovelorn singles.

WATCH: First Dates Australia | First Look

First Dates Australia – which used to air on Channel Seven and has now been rebooted by 10 – follows a new group of singles every episode. The singles have been expertly matched up on blind dates, which viewers watch play out on-screen in eager anticipation. 

We get to see their first encounter and first impressions, watching on as they try to flirt with (or flee from) their date. At the end of the night, we find out their honest opinions as they review the date on-camera and reveal whether or not they’d like to see each other again.

We also get to see the funny interactions between the dates and the restaurant staff, which includes the bartender James, servers Luka and Ama, and the Maître D’ Giacomo.

Premiering this week on Thursday at 7.30pm on 10, the hotly anticipated return promises to deliver on flirty banter, instant chemistry and plenty of cringe-worthy moments. 

restaurant staff first dates
Meet the new staff for the First Dates restaurant. (Credit: 10)

Not to mention, fans will see an all new location for the first dates on the rebooted series.

The restaurant, which is located off an inner-Sydney laneway, has a rustic warehouse vibe complete with a romantic bar, restaurant and new breakout area.

While the contestants used to have to escape to the bathroom to ring a friend and talk about their date, the new cast members will be able to take a mid-date break to contemplate their match around the firepit.

Scroll through to see inside the new First Dates restaurant in Sydney. 

first dates 2022
Welcome to the new First Dates spot! (Credit: 10)
first dates
The inner-Sydney restaurant has a clear theme of love. (Credit: 10)
first dates restaurant
The contestants will meet at the bar before dining in the restaurant. (Credit: 10)
first dates
A green tile? How Dakota Johnson of them! (Credit: 10)
first dates the fire pit
The new fire-pit is the ultimate place to call your friends about the date. (Credit: 10)

First Dates Australia airs Thursday, 7:30pm, on 10 and 10Play.

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