Rhyce Power’s ex Vanessa Sierra responds to his new romance with MAFS’ Tamara Joy

"I felt sick to the bone."
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They sparked dating rumours last week when they shared a series of loved up photos and videos to Instagram while vacationing in Bali together. And despite claiming they’re “just friends”, Rhyce Power’s ex-girlfriend Vanessa Sierra has spoken out about his new relationship with Married At First Sight’s Tamara Joy.

Taking to Instagram last night, the 24-year-old brunette model revealed she was “sick to the bone” when she discovered  Rhyce was hooking up with his sister Jessika Power’s arch-nemesis, Tam. 


“I actually only found out about this yesterday, and to be honest, I was really shocked,” Vanessa said during a Q&A with fans. 

She continued: “I’m not sure if she genuinely likes him or it is more for publicity? Not going to lie, when I found out I felt sick to the bone.” 



It’s no secret Rhyce and Vanessa have a colourful history. The former couple is believed to have split in March after she alleged that the controversial tradie— who briefly appeared on MAFS— assaulted her at a fitness camp in Thailand.

As previously reported, Vanessa cut the trip short and headed back to Australia to file for an intervention order. Under the Victorian intervention order, which is similar to an apprehended violence order (AVO), the Perth-based carpenter is banned from contacting Vanessa. 


Earlier this year, she spoke out about the alleged abuse, posting an Instagram of herself with what appeared to be a black eye. 

7 days of isolation and I’m back to myself again. Those closest to me already know what happened. This was taken the day I left and it does not even hint the extent of what I went through.”

Vanessa continued: “Domestic violence isn’t a f****ing joke, so here is (literally) a taste of your own medicine. On a completely separate note, @rhyce_power how is Thailand?”

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

Rhyce later denied the allegations in a lengthy Instagram post back in April.

“There’s always two sides to every story, and everyone needs to believe that,” he said. “Everyone’s jumped on the bandwagon without even hearing my side of the story – which I understand – if a girl makes an allegation about a claim [sic], whether it’s an attractive girl or any girl, everyone’s going to jump on the bandwagon, and I fully understand that.”

Yesterday, Rhyce and Tamara— who were laying in bed together at the time— addressed dating rumours, sarcastically revealing, “No, we aren’t a couple. We’re both single. We’re friends hanging out with each other in bed, watching movies.”


After being flooded with questions on social media, Jessika weighed in on their strange relationship, revealing she has no plans to get involved. 

“A lot of people want me to comment on this,” said the outspoken MAFS star who cheated on her ‘husband’ Mick Gould with Tamara’s on-screen, Dan Webb.

The 27-year-old administration officer continued: “My brother isn’t always the smartest but I trust his judgement and I don’t have any hate towards Tamara. They are two grown adults eating dinner. Move forward, guys, there is way more going on than some fake hate on a “reality” show.”

In case you need a little refresher, Jess garnered a lot of unwanted attention when last season of the hit Australian reality show aired after infamously cheating on Mick Gould with Tamara’s on-screen husband, Dan Webb. Although many believed their relationship was for show, the pair stayed together for months after filming wrapped. However, after an awkward on-screen spat and a messy split, the pair went their separate ways.

Since then, Jess has been very open about her hatred towards Dan, telling WHO last month that she “wouldn’t care if he drowned”. Then, last week, the controversial stars’ shocked fans when they were snapped laughing and smiling together as they spent “an hour engaging in very friendly conversation”, with an onlooker telling the outlet that their meeting was “intimate”.

“They were definitely friendly, there was no arguing or anything,'” the insider said. “‘Jessika was giggling like a schoolgirl with a crush and it was pretty clear she still has a soft spot for Dan, despite everything she’s said about him in the past.”

The timing of their lunch date seems a little odd considering Jessika recently confirmed she’s dating past MAFS contestant Nick Furphy. The Australian celebrity— who’s no longer on speaking terms with former co-star Martha Kalifatidis— said that while their romance is still news, they’re happy to be spending time together. 

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