Sophie Monk says she has been engaged four times

The Bachelorette star has only ever spoken about two past engagements.
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Sophie Monk has just revealed that she has been engaged four times. 

Sophie dropped the relationship bombshell ahead of tonight’s finale of The Bachelorette, where millionaire Stu Laundy is tipped to win her heart.

The 37-year-old revealed the news in an interview with The Daily Telegraph, saying she had been engaged to Benji Madden, Angel Champagne founder Stefano Zagni, businessman Jimmy Esebag and man named Chris.

On Sunday night’s episode of The Project Sophie revealed that she had been engaged ‘two and a-half-times’.

“I got a ring out of it once,” Sophie joked before adding “I’ve been engaged two-and-a-half times.”

Many speculated that the ‘half’ could have been The Bachelorette winner, but it seems the half is one of the two ‘secret’ engagements she had just revealed.

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