EXCLUSIVE: Sophie Monk says the “diversity” in Love Island Australia will create a lot of drama

"It sounds harsh but it's just like real life."
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Love Island Australia’s premiere is right around the corner (hello Oct 7), and Sophie Monk has let us in on a little secret— this season is set to be the most explosive yet!

During the launch of her makeup line with affordable cosmetics brand, MCoBeauty, the Queensland native told WHO that we can expect some jaw-dropping twists and turns! Yes, please!! 

“I am very excited, this season is going to be insane,” said the 39-year-old who fronts as the host of Love Island. “There will be a few surprises where a couple might be getting comfortable and they’ll be tested to see if they last. It sounds harsh, but it’s just like real life.”

Earlier this month, Channel Nine said the cast is more diverse than ever. And Sophie tells us there will be dozens of personality clashes which will ultimately result in a few of the sexy singles going head to head while living it up in Fiji.

“From their occupation to their ethnicity and religion, they’re so diverse. It is a really good thing. We have IQ’s that are all over the place. I think there’s also a lot of drama because they are putting different types of people with different morals in there. It’ll be different and very dramatic.” 


While the former Bachelorette star— who’s patiently waiting for her beau, Joshua Gross to pop the question— says we will see a few contestants this season “try and play nice”, one thing’s for sure: Their true colours will eventually shine through! 

“It sounds so cliche but you have to be yourself. The real you is always revealed anyway, like, you can only hold up for so long,” she dished. “You are in an environment where you’re in front of 60 cameras and microphones. It’s going to come out. 

“Just own it. If you are an ass hole, be an ass hole. If you are nice, be nice. Just own it!” 

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Although the Network is yet to announce who’s joining the cast, we already know one female contestant is set to cause shock waves through the villa!

In a new teaser trailer, we hear the single lady hoping to fall in love shockingly admit, “the woman’s role in a relationship is to take care of their man— to cook for them and clean for them.” 

When the teaser dropped, an almost palpable wave of shock and outrage flooded the internet, with many slamming the mystery woman for her “ancient” beliefs.

“Is it possible to hate someone on the show before the show even comes out??” one fan asked, while another added. “She’s living before 1950s… wtf!” 

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