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Paris Hilton is definitely having a moment right now. Firmly in her mum era, the now 42-year-old has shown a different, more personal side to herself in recent years, sharing with fans insight into her life; from marrying Carter Reum and welcoming her son, Phoenix, to campaigning for survivors of the ‘Troubled Teen Industry.’

Watch Below: ‘Paris Hilton’s real voice

Despite being in the public eye for decades, Paris has always been a celebrity who appreciated her privacy. Admitting that she puts on a Paris ‘persona’ (as seen in The Simple Life), the heiress has lifted the lid on the real Paris in recent years. 

From documentaries to books, Paris has offered fans an intimate look into her life, but it’s her show Paris in Love, where she really spills it all – including the moment she emotionally reveals to her family that she and Carter have welcomed a baby boy, Phoenix. 

paris in love show
Season one focused on Paris and Carter’s wedding. (Credit: Hayu)

Season one of the reality television series aired in November 2021 and followed Paris Hilton as she planned her wedding to Carter Reum

“From her engagement party in New York to bridal dress shopping, hunting for the perfect venues for the three-day celebration, the joint bachelor-bachelorette party in Las Vegas and the bridal shower hosted by Kathy Hilton,” season one of Paris in Love gave fans an intimate look into the Hilton family and their far-from-normal everyday life. 

Now, as season two begins to air, we’re rounding up everything you need to know about Paris in Love. 

paris in love
An inside look into the Hilton family. (Credit: Hayu)

Can you watch Paris in Love in Australia?

Yes! Paris in Love is available to stream on 7plus, 7Bravo and Hayu

At this stage, only season one is available to watch on 7plus and 7Bravo, however, every episode of both season one and season two is available on Hayu

Stream Paris in Love now on Hayu. with a 7-day free trial. Subscribe here.

paris in love show
Season two saw Paris introduce her son to the family. (Credit: Hayu)

Will there be a new season of Paris in Love?

Whilst season one of the show focused on Paris’ wedding plans, season two shifted focus, instead looking into the socialite’s past traumas as she prepares to unveil her memoir to her family and the world. 

“In my book, I wrote about so many things that I had never told my best friends or none of my family so it was definitely really shocking for them to read,” Paris told TheWrap ahead of the reality series’ second season. “It made everyone’s super emotional to know that I had went through so many really difficult and hard times, basically alone with nobody knowing about it. The show has brought us so much closer.”

During her interview, she revealed that opening up on the show was a “healing experience.”

“Just to have to relive certain things that have happened, it will definitely be emotional for them to watch,” she said. “But … it just brought us even closer so I try to think of the positive.”

At this stage season three has not been confirmed – but we’ll keep you updated with any new announcements. 

Paris herself has admitted that she has footage ready to go for a third instalment. While Paris in Love Season 2 only documents Phoenix’s birth, Paris revealed that she captured similar footage of London’s birth that could be used in a potential third season.

“I definitely captured everything… At the hospital I brought my GoPros and Carter was filming on his iPhone and then on Thanksgiving, Carter told everyone to go in the living room and said that we had a performer there, so everyone thought like a magician was going to be walking in the room, and then I walked in with the pink blanket holding London [and] surprised everyone and he got all that on film as well. We have a lot of footage for if we decide to do another [season].”

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