Chris Hemsworth’s Documentary Limitless Is Officially Getting Another Season

“For this next season, we are attempting to raise the bar and go even deeper…”
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Limitless with Chris Hemsworth has been renewed for a second season following a hugely successful first season that follows the actor’s quest to learn how to live better for longer.

In the docu-series, the Aussie actor takes fans along with him as he explores how to combat ageing and discover the full potential of the human body in a mind-opening journey.

Building on the latest scientific research, Limitless shatters conventional wisdom about maximising life, as Hemsworth pushes himself not only for himself and his children but for his children’s children too.

Here, we’ve gathered everything you need to know about the series, including what we know about season two and where to watch it.

chris hemsworht
Chris pushes himself to the limit in the documentary. (Credit: Disney+) (Credit: Disney+)

What is Limitless with Chris Hemsworth about?

In the first season, Hemsworth went all out, pushing his body and mind to the limit to understand how fasting can unlock the body’s anti-aging power, how to manage stress so it doesn’t kill you, and how exposure to extreme temperatures can trigger our bodies’ own defences against the killer diseases of old age. All in the pursuit of a longer, healthier life.

Now, in this next instalment, he’s going global to take on four more challenges through Nepal, Italy, Australia, and the United Kingdom to help him, and ultimately those of us watching, understand how to live not just longer, but better.

“Working on Limitless was an eye-opening experience that allowed me to reflect on my strengths, vulnerabilities and all the ways in which we as humans can plan toward longevity,” said Hemsworth in a press release.

“For this next season, we are attempting to raise the bar and go even deeper in this exploration alongside health and wellness experts from around the globe.”

chris hemsworth wife
Chris on the set of Thor with his wife Elsa. (Credit: Instagram) (Credit: Instagram)

Where can I watch Limitless with Chris Hemsworth in Australia?

All six episodes of season one are available to stream now on Disney+, with season two also to be available on the streaming service when it premieres. No release date has been announced just yet.

While you’re there, however, you can watch Hemsworth in action in Marvel’s Thor, The Avengers, Thor: The Dark World, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Thor: Ragnarok, Avengers: Infinity War, Avengers: Endgame, and Thor: Love and Thunder.

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