EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Sierah on her iconic exit

"I can’t stop watching it!"
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Sierah Swepstone’s elimination from The Bachelor will go down in reality TV history as one of the best exits. It seems that she was right – Jimmy Nicholson wasn’t into “tall, horny bogans”.

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor’s Sierah’s iconic exit

“It’s honestly so funny to watch, I can’t stop watching it!” Sierah, 28, tells WHO the morning after her elimination aired.

Here, the technical analyst spills on her time in the mansion, the girl she wants Jimmy to pick at the end and why she wishes she had more confidence in her character.

You had a pretty iconic exit. What was going through your head when you said goodbye and were put into the car?

I’m pretty salty and I feel like I’ve got a really big ego so obviously not getting a rose when I got extra time was a bit of salt in the wound. It’s just pretty funny as well – obviously a few episodes ago I was going ‘Wooo!’ when Ashleigh didn’t get a rose after her extra time and then got sent home and then there’s me sent straight home, I was definitely really salty. I think I was expecting it at some point in the foreseeable future anyway at that time so I guess I wasn’t overly shocked – I just wasn’t expecting it that particular night. Maybe the conversation just went really badly and he tried to get rid of me!

What did you make of Jimmy when you first met him?

He seemed nice, not my usual type. There was definitely no instant connection or spark there and it didn’t really progress into anything either throughout the season unfortunately. I think he also has a particular type – I think he prefers the petite girl and I was definitely the biggest one there so it was hard to miss me. I think it’s good if people are honest about their feelings, no one’s ever going to be everyone’s type and that’s just life.

“It’s honestly so funny to watch, I can’t stop watching it!” (Credit: Ten)

Jimmy mentioned on radio that you two had some conversations we didn’t see that showed your softer side. Are you annoyed that wasn’t shown?

I don’t really care about the stuff that wasn’t shown. I definitely had made an effort at all the cocktail parties except two so we did have some really good conversations. I was maybe a little bit more vulnerable – I think he got to know me on a different level because I know he was intimidated by me when we first met. But I don’t really care, I think that my character being the loud obnoxious clown that I was just suits me and I’m glad that’s how I got portrayed – I loved it!

Sierah admits there was no spark with Jimmy. (Credit: Ten)

There’s been a lot of buzz about Holly and what she was really like in the mansion, what was she like in your eyes?

I was very respectful, and I was very nice to every person there. You can really see that with the way I interacted with the girls on camera and I think because I was so nice to everyone, everyone was really nice to me. I stayed out of the drama so I definitely didn’t have any real issues with anyone in the house, including Holly. I mean, I think I definitely could see perhaps the way she acted towards other people where that could’ve come from so I don’t think it was completely made up or that Tatum was just doing it throw her in the deep end. I can understand but personally I don’t have an issue with Holly.

When you’re in your little bubble and you’re on top of each other, any issue that might be brushed off easily in the normal world is an issue that’s on steroids because you can’t escape it. If you don’t like someone in the real world, you just don’t hang out with them but when you’re in that environment it’s easier for things to be really amplified.

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor’s Sierah celebrates after Ashleigh’s shock elimination. Post continues after video…

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You were pretty happy to see the back of Ashleigh when she left the mansion. Was that all because of the Dunkeroo debacle?

That’s just so pathetic hey! The whole group date, not all of it was shown. Don’t get me wrong, Ashleigh’s a nice girl, she’s really smart, she’s well-intentioned and very classy, I’ve got a lot of good things to say about her, but she definitely rubbed me up the wrong way. We shared a room together and she said certain things that really pissed me off and we clashed a few times but those things are really petty, it was just because of the environment and not being able to escape her. But she is a nice girl and I don’t have any kind of resentment or bitterness towards her at all.

You seemed very close to Steph, Tatum, Laura and Stevie in the house. 

Yeah they were definitely my closest friends. We called ourselves the Peanut Gallery especially after that episode where I’m in the yellow dress and I’m like ‘I’m so hot!’ We were sitting there trying to listen in to Holly and Jimmy’s conversation to miming all the words! I love those girls and I speak to them most of them every single day since filming. We’ll be friends forever, I know it.

And who do you reckon will win?

I’m really hoping it’s Jay. I love Jay – I was friends with her in the mansion. She always had nice things to say about everybody and she’s a really, genuine fun person. What you see is what you get with her.

“I love those girls and I speak to them most of them every single day since filming. We’ll be friends forever, I know it.” (Credit: Ten)

Looking back at your experience, do you have any regrets or wish you’d done anything differently?

I was pretty happy with how it went. I wish I had a bit more confidence in my character, I guess. Especially in the interim when you stop filming to when it airs you really overanalyse things. It does have a psychological impact to an extent because you just overanalyse every single thing you’ve said and done and go ‘I wish I hadn’t said this’ or ‘I hope they don’t show that’ but even during my time in the mansion I had that. I was really hard on myself – I didn’t realise how funny I was and didn’t realise how much content I was giving them, so I didn’t really enjoy it as much as I thought. If I have another chance to do a reality TV experience I know it will be a much better experience because I’ll be able to relax and enjoy myself and have confidence that being me is the best thing about me and I should just enjoy it.

So Bachelor in Paradise next?

Fingers crossed! I would love to do BIP for sure so I’m really hoping that it happens. There will be quite a big pool to pick from I suppose if they do it because there was last season of The Bachelor so there will be quite a few new contestants. Last time they did BIP obviously there were a few that had been recycled a couple of times, I think it got a little bit old.

We’d love to see Sierah on Bachelor in Paradise! (Credit: Ten)

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