EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor’s Steph was disappointed with how she and Jimmy ended things

"I think the way I left was definitely a low point for me and I was pretty upset."
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We thought Sierah Swepstone’s exit from the Bachelor mansion was iconic but when Stephanie Lynch both cried and claimed that she would marry her ex “a thousand times” before getting with Jimmy Nicholson, we could only applaud.

WATCH BELOW: The Bachelor’s Sierah’s iconic exit

However, Stephanie, still reckons Sierah’s final moments on the show comes out on top.

“Nothing’s gonna beat ‘tall, horny bogans’,” she tells WHO over the phone the morning after her elimination episode.

“I’ve watched her exit about 10 times, it cracks me up!”

In an exclusive chat, the Bachelor breakout star spills on her final days in the mansion, where she and Holly Kingston stand after numerous blow-ups plus, her ultimate highlights and lowlights.

What have the reactions been like since you left?

I haven’t had time to check my phone. Every time Wednesdays and Thursdays roll around I usually have about 50 unanswered text messages but mostly supportive I think. Everyone who knows me and watches the show knows that they’re getting one element of my personality, it’s very exaggerated.

Were you pleased with your edit on the show? 

Pleased might be a strong word but I definitely enjoyed it. It’s been super fun to watch and I obviously didn’t expect it!

“I definitely enjoyed it” Steph said of her edit. (Credit: Ten)

You had quite an intense final episode what with meeting Jimmy’s mum and having a lot of discussions about your ex. Did you feel ambushed?

No, I thought Susan’s questions were probably questions that some of the other girls were getting as well. I actually feel too much heat, I thought the chat with Susan went quite well. She obviously had her reservations but I didn’t think too much of it.

You had some strong words to say about Holly. What’s your relationship with her like now?

No I haven’t had any contact with Holly since I left the mansion. I don’t bear any hard feelings towards her, I haven’t really thought much about her since I got out. I hope that she’s taking all the commentary with as little thought as I put out when I actually said that stuff! I don’t know if she’s offended by any of it but I hope not. Just for entertainment purposes!

Do you reckon she’ll be the one to win?

I literally have no idea. I really hope that it is Jay but I’m not sure.

Tensions flared between Steph and Holly over a certain C word. (Credit: Ten)

What do you make of all the Tahnee and Jay drama. Do you reckon Jay said something about being the runner-up to boost her profile?

It’s really funny watching it back because Tahnee is so earnest in what she’s saying – I genuinely believe her when she says that she thinks she heard that. But I know Jay and that’s something very out of character for her to say. The only solution I can think of is that Tahnee’s misheard something.

There are some rumours that you had a secret Instagram account during filming…

You’ll have to speak to my dogs, I don’t know anything about that!

WATCH BELOW: Steph Lynch’s “last hurrah” on The Bachelor. Post continues after video…

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Looking back at your experience, what were your highlights and lowlights on the show?

Lowlights definitely the ‘c u next Tuesday’ drama – that was definitely a low point of the series. I think the way I left was definitely a low point for me and I was pretty upset. But the friendships that have come out of this – I’ll have friendships with these women for years to come, they’re just gems.

With the C-bomb scandal, how did you react when they replayed you saying it?

The rewind was hilarious because I genuinely never remembered saying it. I was like ‘I can’t wait for that episode to air’ so I can actually see myself say it because I had no recollection. I think the most hilarious thing in that episode is me looking at Holly and going “I wouldn’t say that’ Like, Steph you d***head that’s absolutely something you would say!

Steph admits she was disappointed with how her and Jimmy’s relationship came to an end. (Credit: Ten)

Even though you said you’d marry your ex “a thousand times” before getting with Jimmy, were you disappointed with how things ended between you two?

Yeah definitely. I was sitting next to Ash and said that I wanted to go home well before Jimmy spoke to me so when he pulled me for a chat I wasn’t surprised. All I wanted to say was ‘Thanks for your time, I know it’s not going to be me at the end and good luck,’ and he had some things he wanted to say and unfortunately the conversation played out the way that it did but it is what it is.

What’s life like post Bachelor?

Definitely keeping busy but just normal life basically. Not out taking influencer pictures like Jimmy thinks I am…

Would you do Bachelor in Paradise?

If Warner Bros doesn’t think I’m too unhinged! I don’t know, I’d have to think about it at the time. I’d have to do it for the redemption like Alisha [Aitken-Radburn].

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