The Bachelorette Carlin’s ex-wife is stunning

A bunch of their photos have surfaced online.
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Two episodes into the new season of The Bachelorette and one contestant has already dropped the “I’m still married” bombshell.

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Lucky for Angie Kent, it was Carlin, who can do no wrong.

The 31-year-old F45 Fitness Trainer was extremely upfront with Angie on their 24-hour-date, revealing to her that he was married in 2016, with the divorce still being finalised.

I’ve been a little bit nervous coming into this experience because I’m super vulnerable with my story. I am the type of guy who wants to be open and transparent, because, you know, there’s no other way to do it… 

“I am… married,” Carlin expressed to Angie as she ate her salmon.

“In 2016, I got married. We’ve been apart for a year and a half,” he told an understandably concerned-looking Ange.

“We drifted apart, you know? And I was… I was pretty hurt in the process, and she’s moved overseas now. So, like, for me that was sort of like, you know, I was, like, I’ve closed that chapter of my life.”

“So we filed for divorce and stuff and I suppose that’s sort of just the last stage of that.”

Well, all Australia has been interested in is WHO is this ex-wife. Well, the internet has done what it does best and dug up the dirt.

Carlin’s ex-wife is Taran Higgins… and she is stunning.

(Credit: Instagram)
(Credit: Instagram)

While Carlin insists that his past relationship is well and truly over, Angie was pretty shocked by his confession.

“They haven’t even finalised the divorce. Holy Dooley! Are you really ready to dive into something so big again when you’ve not even divorced yet?” Angie asked in her piece to camera.
“I know I wanted to try something different, but the bloke’s still bloody married.”

“I had so much fun with you today, and I love that we were able to talk about pretty much everything, but you definitely opened up and showed me a side that you didn’t have to, but you chose to,” she told him with a huge grin on her face.

(Credit: Network Ten)

I’m glad he’s telling me the truth, but it did kind of throw a spanner in the works. He is, you know, only kind of recently separated, and the divorce isn’t final. It just really made me start thinking, you know, are you ready? Are you here for the right reasons?”

We guess we’ll find out!

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