Who is Thong? The face behind our favourite Masked Singer

We have all the clues!
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The Masked Singer has premiered its fourth season on Channel 10, bringing with it a slew of fun new masks to keep us guessing.

Among the favourites from the first episode though was Thong, a giant recreation of the typically Australian shoe.

WATCH BELOW: Masked Singer 2022 – Thong

Thong took to the stage to sing Footloose by Kenny Loggins, and sounded distinctively female in tone as they did so.

But before Thong’s big debut performance, we got given a couple of clues as to who they could be.

Here’s what we can confirm about Thong:

Who is Thong? (Credit: 10)

What are Thong’s clues?

Thong’s introduction package had her saying these words.

“I’m the Thong, I’m familiar, I’m comfortable and an Aussie icon with a background overseas,” she began

“However, I’m better known for my work with M&M. I love a barbie, and I also like a banquet… not at this beach though. I hope it’s fish! I really love fish. Is a humble thong worthy of admiration? I think so and that’s why I’ll win The Masked Singer!”

In the accompanying video, we saw a red vespa drive across the screen while she referred to her overseas background. We also saw her being looked at from a telescope, standing in the clouds in front of an ancient statue.

Beyond that, Thong was offered a ‘Not Beer’ by a bodyguard who wore an eyepatch, as another lifted up a cloche which was hiding three rats.

We finally saw her being worshipped by two bodyguards while crowned by a halo.

Thong performed ‘Footloose’ for her first song. (Credit: 10)

What were the guesses?

The guesses proffered by the judging panel were Stephanie Gilmore, Bindi Irwin, Dido, and Khanh Ong.

Stephanie Gilmore, a surfer, was guessed due to Thong’s love of the beach and the water, while Dave’s guess – Dido – connected to Thong’s claim that she was best known for her work with ‘M&M’ (Dido’s song Thank You was famously sampled by Eminem).

Khanh Ong was likely guessed because of the cloche, given his background on MasterChef Australia, while Bindi Irwin is well known in Australia and overseas, given her international presence and her American husband.

While some of these might be more accurate than others, fans at home had their own opinions to share.

Could it be Bindi Irwin under the mask? (Credit: Instagram)

“It’s Bindi Irwin,” one fan took to Facebook to write.

“The ‘worked with Eminem/M&M’ reference is related to Wildlife Warriors. The letter W upside down is the letter M,” they theorised.

“Portia de Rossi,” another guessed.

“Married to Ellen. Fish in Finding Dory.”

“I was thinking an ex swimmer, based on the fish reference,” guessed a third.

“Is Emily Seebohm still swimming? She was on I’m A Celebrity … Get Met Out of Here!

As for the accuracy of these guesses, we’ll be waiting to see what happens when Thong gets unmasked!

The Masked Singer is airing on Channel 10 and 10Play.

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