Big Brother VIP fans are having none of Thomas Markle Jr’s comments on Meghan

“Imagine your claim to fame being talking trash about your sister.”
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Big Brother VIP has started with an absolute bang, with the likes of Thomas Markle Jr. and Caitlyn Jenner sharing some pretty wild claims on the very first night.

WATCH BELOW: Thomas Markle Jr. discusses Meghan on Big Brother VIP

While there’s plenty to unpack on Caitlyn Jenner’s side, including claims about everyone – from Kanye through to her old mate OJ Simpson – fans seem to have taken real issue with Thomas Markle Jr. already.

Speaking to Australian Survivor alum Luke Toki, Thomas confirmed that Meghan was his half-sister, but he hadn’t seen her in ‘yonks’.

“The last time was at my Grandmother’s funeral,” he confirmed, which took place in 2011.

“She took after that anyway and went to Canada,” he added, referencing Meghan’s time shooting the hit TV show, Suits.

“Money changed her, I guess. Money and fame just went to her head really bad,” Thomas claims of Meghan. (Credit: Getty)

Luke asked if the half-siblings had been close before that, with Thomas claiming they were, but they hadn’t spoken since then.

“She stopped [talking] as soon as she… I mean, you know that’s like the big thing now, is like what happened to her? … Nobody can figure it out,” Thomas explained, as sad music played in the background.

“Money changed her, I guess. Money and fame just went to her head really bad,” he claimed.

“She just walked all over him and dumped him,” Thomas said of Meghan and her first husband, Trevor. (Credit: Getty)

If that weren’t harsh enough, Thomas had more to get off his chest.

“The thing that gets to me is like, the guy that she was married to the first time, Trevor … this guy just took care of her … she [was] adored by him.

“She just walked all over him and dumped him. After being married, sent the ring back in the mail. Is that cold or what?” he continued.

“Harry’s next. Harry’s on the chopping block next.”

“The only difference between now and then was like all the photos from prior to that, he had a smile on his face. All the ones after, he doesn’t.”

“Harry’s on the chopping block next.”

Fans were not having it.

“Imagine your claim to fame being talking trash about your sister. 😍” one commented on Instagram.

“This guy is full of it, he’s so far from being close to royalty,” another shared.

“If you were so close why are there no photos of you guys together? LOL,” a third pointed out.

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Thomas is infamous for his regular public commentary of Meghan Markle, who now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Prince Harry, after the pair split from the British Royal Family.

He has long held this opinion of Meghan, and has publicly called her a ‘phony’ who ‘turned into a different person’ and ‘forgot her roots and her family’ since becoming famous.

His dislike ran so deep that he even penned a letter to Prince Harry, asking him to call off their 2018 wedding, in which he called her a ‘jaded, shallow, conceited woman’.

Meghan and Harry at their 2018 wedding. (Credit: Getty)

It’s worth noting that Meghan and Thomas hadn’t seen each other for about seven years by this point, by Thomas’ own account.

He later sent a follow-up letter to apologise for ‘venting his frustrations’ in the wake of not being invited to the wedding.

Since Thomas’ only claim to fame is that Meghan is his half-sister, we expect to hear a bit more from him before he’s (hopefully) booted from the Big Brother House

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