The Block: Bianca and Carla

Get to know the besties from NSW!
Photographed by Who by Adam Haddrick

After retiring from playing netball professionally three years ago, Bianca and Carla, both 35, have their game faces on.

WHO: Were either of you worried that the show would tarnish or ruin your relationship?

Bianca: I was and I wasn’t. We spoke about it before and, being athletes, we talk about a lot in teams, and we both said we wanted to make sure if we start as friends, we finish as friends. We would rather not do it if it meant that it was going to end any other way.

Carla: The one thing that has been important to us throughout this journey is that our friendship stays intact. I think that it has actually gotten stronger as we have seen new sides of each other.

WHO: Does being professional athletes give you an edge on the show?

Bianca: We are taught as athletes to be really calm under pressure and I didn’t realise how calm we were compared to the other teams until I watched it back!

Carla: Our default was always, “What is the solution?” so we didn’t have tears or freak-outs. We both have a good work ethic and we can commit to things wholeheartedly—sport definitely taught us how to do that.

bianca carla
(Credit: Photographed by Who by Adam Haddrick)

WHO: Did either of you have your eyes on any of the tradies you worked with?

Bianca: We were pretty busy building an apartment but there were definitely a few hotties.

Carla: Everyone was watching us to see if we were perving as we are both single. Wouldn’t that be funny: a Block romance!

WHO: Do either of you have any renovating experience?

Bianca: My dad is a builder and I’ve grown up around building sites but I have only renovated two small apartments myself.

Carla: I bought an apartment two years ago and mine was also a facelift. All I did myself was install new carpet and floorboards, and the builders did everything else. We had no idea what we were getting ourselves into!

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