Make The Most of the Fragrance Day Deals and Stock Up On Your Fave Signature Scent

You don't have to convince us too hard to score some sales.

When it comes to perfume, we are all after different things. Some of us crave a signature scent – an olfactory way of distinguishing ourselves from the masses. Others want to replicate their favourite scents, even if they’re popular. Some exclusively wear celebrity perfumes. And others wear no perfume at all. Though, if you’re reading this, we doubt you’re in the latter camp.

But our favourite perfumes come at a price, and oftentimes it’s a costly one. So when sales come up you can bet we’re going to jump right on them – which is why Priceline’s Fragrance Day deals have us jumping for joy. 

The great thing about women’s perfume is that there is so much out there, meaning there’s a scent for every type of fragrance lover. Whether you gravitate towards notes of floral or musk, there’s a bottle of sweet-selling nectar with your name on it – you just have to know where to look.

Where to buy good affordable perfumes?

One of the best places to find your perfect perfume is Priceline Pharmacy. You may have noticed every time you step foot in the pink wonderland that their fragrance collection is extensive. From celebrity perfumes to summer favourites, they have everything for everyone. 

If you’re wanting to upgrade your perfume collection, now is the perfect time, with Priceline’s Fragrance Day sale officially hitting stores nationwide from March 21 to March 23.

Scroll on for some of the best Priceline fragrances of the moment and the unmissable deals.

The Best Priceline Perfumes to Buy on Sale in 2024

(Credit: Yves Saint Laurent) (Credit: Yves Saint Laurent)

Yves Saint Laurent Black Opium EDP 90ml 

$177 (usually $255) at Priceline

Sultry, dark, flirty and delicious this cult-favourite fragrance turns heads with how good it smells. The scent is feminine yet still bold and rebellious, perfect for a night out. 

It has notes of black coffee accord mixed with orange blossom and oriental floral gourmand for a complex scent. 


(Credit: Giorgio Armani) (Credit: Giorgio Armani)

Giorgio Armani Si EDP 100ml 

$189 (usually $270) at Priceline

A timeless classic, this is the ultimate grown-up fragrance that feels elevated, feminine and delicate with notes of musky white wood accord, delicious blackcurrant nectar and modern chypre to create a scent that feels light and fresh yet still interesting. 


(Credit: Priceline) (Credit: Priceline)

Marc Jacobs Daisy EDT 100ml

$103 (usually $149) at Priceline

There’s no doubt you have smelled Daisy in your life. Cemented in the perfume game for years, the floral, woody, and feminine fragrance is a favourite for a reason.

With top notes of strawberry, violet leaf, and pink grapefruit, and base notes of white woods, vanilla, and musk, it’s the perfect balance of sweet and warm.


(Credit: Priceline) (Credit: Priceline)

Estée Lauder Beautiful Magnolia EDP 50ml

$75 (usually $180) at Priceline

If floral is your thing, this is the perfect fragrance for you.

With its rich blend of rose, lily, tuberose and orange flowers, brightened with citrus and warmed with wood, a couple of sprays will leave you feeling romantic and feminine.


(Credit: Priceline) (Credit: Priceline)

MUGLER Alien EDP 30ml

$88 (previously $128) at Priceline

Heads will turn with one whiff of this bold scent. The floral, woody and amber blend from two powerful notes, cashmere and amber, is brightened by a sunflower; this popular perfume is not for the faint-hearted.


(Credit: Priceline) (Credit: Priceline)

Ariana Grande Cloud EDP 100ml

$59 (usually $70) at Priceline

Like Billie Eilish, Ariana Grande has managed to make a name for herself in the perfume game.

This fan-favourite blend of lavender, pear, bergamot, coconut, and vanilla is ideal for a sweet-loving nose, while the base musk and woody notes create some fragrant balance.


(Credit: Priceline) (Credit: Priceline)

Jimmy Choo Flash EDP 100ml

$55 (usually $141) at Priceline

For those after a delicate fragrance, Jimmy Choo Flash is right up your alley.

Its floral blend of white flowers, pepper, strawberry, and jasmine, with woody base notes will leave you smelling fresh.


(Credit: Priceline) (Credit: Priceline)

Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Gold Couture EDP 100ml

$69 (usually $125) at Priceline

Decadence is a word to describe this perfume. With honeysuckle, sandalwood, golden amber, caramel, vanilla, and wild berries, this golden nectar is a sweet aromatic blend of glamour. 


(Credit: Priceline) (Credit: Priceline)

Narciso Rodriguez For Her EDP 50ml

$85 (usually $150) at Priceline 

Soft and sweet, this woody perfume with orange blossom, amber, and soft musk creates a warm aroma for those after a subtle scent.


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