Nail the natural coverage with these sheer and glowy skin tints

Let your beauty shine not hide.

When it comes to achieving a naturally radiant complexion, skin tints have become a game-changer in the world of makeup.

These lightweight formulas offer a sheer veil of coverage that enhances your skin’s natural beauty without the heaviness of traditional foundations.

Particularly as we head into the warmer seasons a skin tint is particularly attractive to avoid that heavy feeling on the skin or unnatural fading thanks to humidity and sweat. 

They’re actually a relatively new innovation in the beauty world, offering a more lightweight option to classic products like bb creams, tinted moisturisers and light coverage foundations. 

Why choose skin tints?

Unlike heavy foundations, skin tints provide a subtle coverage that allows your skin to breathe.

They’re perfect for those who prefer a more natural look or want to let their freckles and imperfections peek through while still enjoying a polished appearance.

How to apply skin tints

Prep your base: Considering with skin tints we want the skin to show through and look natural, hydration has never been more important. Ensure to do a nourishing skincare routine before application to nail the dewy, fresh-faced look. 

Start small: Skin tint is great because it is more buildable than things like BB creams or tinted moisturiser. Start with one or two drops and add extra if you want to cover a bit more. 

Brush and blend: You can use essentially any tool on skin tints however experts suggest starting with a dense foundation brush and then bouncing your makeup sponge over to get a flawless and natural finish. 

The best skin tints to try in 2023 

Want to try adding a skin tint to your beauty wardrobe this summer? Below are some of our favourite skin tints that we will be adding to cart to get that glow. 

Best natural skin tint

best skin tints australia
(Credit: Eye of Horus)

Eye of Horus Skin tint serum, $63.75 (usually $75), a-beauty

If you’re after something packed full of good-for-you, natural ingredients then this is the tint to try. It offers SPF 15 protection and is full of delicious skin-loving ingredients like moringa oil, hemp, pomegranate and more that help nourish your skin while you wear it. 


Best skin tint for glowing skin

best skin tint
(Credit: MAC)

MAC Strobe dewy skin tint, $64, THE ICONIC

There is a very good reason why MAC is beloved by makeup artists everywhere, their products are unmatched. The strobe line from MAC is famous for its glow-inducing products and this lightweight skin tint is no different. 


Best sheer skin tint

best skin tint
(Credit: Milk)

Milk Makeup Sunshine skin tint, $68, Sephora

If you’re after that ‘your skin but better’ look then this lightweight and sheer roll-on skin tint is the way to go. It creates a truly lit-from-within look and leaves you looking healthy and fresh. Just note this may not be the best match for oily skin. 


Best hydrating skin tint 

best skin tint
(Credit: MCoBeauty)

Miracle Hyaluronic tinted serum, $35, MCoBeauty

This innovative tint from cult luxe-for-less beauty brand MCoBeauty is packed full of ultra-hydrating hyaluronic acid to treat your skin as you wear it. You can the build the coverage to suit your needs but it doesn’t feel heavy or wet on the skin throughout the day. 


Best skin tints with a wide shade range

skin tints
(Credit: Fenty Beauty)

Fenty Beauty Eaze Drop blurring skin tint foundation, $53, Sephora

Is there anything Rihanna can’t do? Fenty’s shade range is truly unmatched and this Eaze Drop blurring tint is a great option for those who are looking for deeper, richer shades that unfortunately many brands don’t stock. 


Best skin tint with SPF

skin tint
(Credit: Tower 28)

Tower 28 SunnyDays tinted SPF, $54.88, Revolve

Everybody say it together, “sun care is everything!”

This SPF from Tower 28 is packed with SPF 30 (although still ensure to wear a layer underneath because no one wants a sunburn), which makes it a great option for daytime wear now that we head into summer. 


Best affordable skin tint 

skin tints
(Credit: The Body Shop)

Second skin tint, $32, The Body Shop

No need to break the bank to buy a skin tint, this affordable option from The Body Shop is not only under $35 (and you can get it for even less as a member) but it is packed full of natural ingredients to help provide that super natural skin look. 


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