Curly bangs are no longer a hair emergency

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Natural, air-dried fringes are everywhere. It’s so hard to find a happy medium between poker straight and bubble bangs, so the obvious option is to just Let. Those. Tendrils. Be! With the help of some quality styling products, obviously.

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Why on earth haven’t we embraced this finish sooner? Let’s blame the bad perm jobs of the ’80s. The real key to keeping a curly fringe out of Flashdance/Jazzercise territory lies in the cutting technique. Request a dry cut, and always, always start with something longer than you’d like.

When blow-dried straight, your fringe should be all up in your eyeballs, because remember, they’re going to spring right up when left to their own devices.

Rita Ora
Rita Ora (Credit: Getty)

Square Face shapes

Ask for heavy bangs that brush just below the eyebrows. Yes, they’re dramatic, but they’re going to make your eyes pop like never before.

“While your hair is still wet, smooth in a curl definer then leave it at that,” says Skinner.

“Towel-drying or brushing your curls is going to end in frizz, so once dry, shake up, separate and stretch out your curls to create lots of volume,” he adds.

Tong in a few curls if they’re setting a little too flat or frizzy.

Hask Curl Care Defining Cream $15.99 

Silver Bullet Fastlane Oval Curling Conical $144.95

kirsten dunst
Kirsten Dunst (Credit: getty)

Round Faces

Go for a full fringe and a cut that sweeps longer at the sides to help elongate your face.

Secure your fringe to the sides with pins so it dries sleek, or if your hair’s not naturally curly, twirl in tendrils and set them with clips across your forehead.

Hask Curl Care Moisturizing Shampoo $15.99

Hask Curl Care Detangling Conditioner $15.99 

Pantene Pro-V Never Stray No Crunch Hair Spray $12.99

Imogen Poots
Imogen Poots (Credit: Getty)

Heart Face Shapes

Lightweight, shaggy bangs are a win. They create the illusion of a longer forehead and are a sexy alternative to tendrils.

With your hairdryer set on low heat, blow-dry down the hair shaft, and use your fingers to soften and smooth the curls out a little.

Part them down the middle if you like, then let them cool. Set them with a spritz of setting spray.

Hask Curl Defining Mousse $15.99 

GHD Helios in Orchid Pink $320

Sandra Oh
(Credit: Getty)

Oval Faces

A brow-grazing length will flatter your features, but pretty much any fringe style is a safe choice for you. Experiment!

For curls that shine, mask-up once a week. “Hydration is key to nourish and define curly locks, so find a product that caters for curls and won’t weigh them down like this one from Kerastase,” says celebrity hair stylist Daniel Skinner.

Heartwood Royal Oil Body + Hair $95 

Nicole Scherzinger
(Credit: Getty)

Hair Slugging

Hear of the Korean skincare ‘slugging’ hack for the face? Well, now it’s your locks’ turn.

“Hair slugging is our secret tip to an overnight hair glow-up,” says Leia Berryman from Johnson & Johnson. “Don’t let the name put you off – this technique involves using a hair leave-in treatment overnight to help boost moisture for gorgeous silky, smooth hair.”

Here’s what to do:

Before bed, apply a leave-in treatment or oil such as Heartwood Royal Oil Body + Hair from the mid-shaft to the tips, says Berryman.

“Then tuck your ponytail into a clean fluffy sock and sleep soundly while it locks in extra hydration to strengthen and repair. It’s a game changer.”

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