How Long Does a Spray Tan Last?

Follow these tips and stay bronzed for longer

How long does fake tan last?

This is a question that every tanning salon in the world gets asked daily.

Bella Bronze Tan in Mermaid Beach, QLD, do hundreds of tans every month. They say, “Your tan will last anywhere from 7-14 days depending on your skin type and pre and post tan care.”

They recommend taking short showers, always patting dry with a towel, and moisturising morning and night with natural, unscented products to extend the wear. “If it smells really good, it’s not good for your tan!”

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What are the risks of a spray tan?

Choosing natural products will reduce any chance of toxic overload and chemical reactions, but one of the biggest risks is that the colour will turn out, well, orange.

Fortunately, avoiding that outcome is easy.

Perth Tans have been spray tanning men and women in WA since 2009. They say, “If a high level of DHA, (the active ingredient), is used on a skin tone which is too fair this can produce an orange result.”

It usually occurs if a shade that’s too dark has been selected so make sure you ask about DHA levels before you book your spray tan. Especially if you’re naturally fair.

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How to make your spray tan last longer

How long spray tan lasts is based a lot on what happens before you enter the salon and way before you get your spray tan.

The in Bondi offer this before and after guide.

  • Prior to your spray tan session, take a shower and exfoliate to ensure your skin is clean from deodorant, perfume, moisturiser, make up, dirt and other substances.
  • Wear loose clothes (nothing too tight) to your appointment.
  • After your tanning session don’t use soap or body wash and don’t wash your hair.
  • Avoid strenuous activities, which may make you sweat after the session.
  • Avoid scrubbing your skin too hard in the shower during the week after.
  • Pat down gently with your towel after showering and avoid long hot showers or baths.
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Spray Tan After Care

According to Bella Bronze Tan the secret to making your professional spray tan last longer is, “Hydration, hydration, hydration! We cannot preach this enough – increased water intake helps your skin act as a sponge.”

“This teamed with daily moisturising and short showers will result in an even fading, long lasting tan that is easy to remove!”

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Can you leave a fake tan on too long?

Spray tans, whether you get them done at a salon or at home take between 2-72 hours to develop.

How dark you go and how quickly will depend on your individual skin type. 

Tampa Bay Tan says, “Skin permeability, dryness, oiliness, condition, thickness, heath can all change development range. So one person may find their skin peaks in darkness a bit differently than someone else’s.”

If you leave a spray tan on too long, the worst outcome is you’ll look orange, or the tan will be too dark for you and will look unnatural.

You’re best bet? When it comes to fake tan it’s best to start slowly and build gradually. 

Now go forth and glow!

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