Introducing Honey Blonde – the hair trend that’s set to take 2023 by storm

Even Kim K is a fan!
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Goodbye red hues, baby bangs and shaggy do’s – the next big hair trend is honey blonde, and for all the right reasons. 

Watch Below: Rebecca Harding blonde makeover

Honey blonde is quickly emerging as one of the biggest hair trends for summer 2023 and is causing quite the commotion thanks to Kim Kardashian jumping on the trend.

Kim recently traded in her platinum locks for a warmer colour, and fans quickly compared it to her infamous caramel hair of 2012. But don’t get it wrong, this is a very different colour. “This is Honey Kim” explains Kim’s hairstylist Chris Appleton. 

So, here’s everything you need to know about honey hair!

Kim Kardashian
Fans loved Kim’s warmer blonde look. (Credit: Instagram)

What colour is Honey Blonde? 

The beauty experts from LOOKFANTASTIC describe honey blonde as “sweet, warm, and golden,” adding that it’s the perfect look for spring and summertime.

“The soft shade is ideal for a low-maintenance hue that requires less upkeep than ash blonde or platinum. Not only is it easier to maintain, but it also lessens the risk of damage to the hair as it uses minimal bleach.’’ 

Rosie Huntingly worthy
Rosie has always loved a warmer shade of Blonde. (Credit: Instagram)

What is the difference between blonde and honey blonde? 

Honey blonde is a richer hue of blonde, that features more red and brown undertones to make it rich-looking and multi-dimensional. But don’t get it confused with its counterpart, caramel blonde.

“Unlike caramel hair which is darker and features a lot more contrasting colours ranging from blonde to brown, honey hair is lighter, softer and more golden,” explains the team at LOOKFANTASIC

“It can be adapted with natural or warm tones, so if you’re after this hair colour at the salon, be sure to be clear in asking for either natural beige or golden honey tones. The blonde is best achieved with a balayage technique or highlights.’’ 

Rita Ora
Rita Ora is another honey blonde convert! (Credit: Instagram)

Is honey blonde easy to maintain?

“To keep your honey blonde hair toned, vibrant and hydrated, it’s important to upgrade your at home hair care routine,’’ LOOKFANTASTIC explains. These simple three steps will ensure your honey blonde looks amazing.

Use a colour-safe hair care system

Although honey hair requires less bleach, the hairstyle can still result in dry hair, which is why it’s important to reach for a reparative system. The hair experts at LOOKFANTASTIC recommend the Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner Duo, which will help to strengthen hair from the inside out by reinforcing weak hair bonds.

Use purple shampoo once a week

Like all blond hues – honey hair can still fall victim to unwanted brassy tones. To fix this, the experts at LOOKFANTASTIC suggest adding a purple shampoo and conditioner to your hair routine. Adding a duo like the Redken Colour Extend Blondage Shampoo and Conditioner Duo once a week into your hair routine will neutralise brassy, yellow and orange tones and maintain that golden hue. 

Glossy Goals

“The key to nailing the honey hair trend is having a high-gloss finish to let those golden tones shine in all their glory.” Incorporating a gloss treatment like the Design.ME Gloss Me Hydrating Treatment Mask, in your hair care routine, will make the world of difference.

“Think of a gloss treatment as a shield to lock in shine and prevent hair from looking faded.’’

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