Sonia Kruger Reveals Her Logies Preparation Secrets: From Red Carpet Fashion to Beauty Prep

Get a Glimpse into Her Radiant Look
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As Sonia Kruger gears up for the highly anticipated TV WEEK Logie Awards, the beloved television personality is ready to divulge her closely guarded Logies preparation secrets.

From her flawless red-carpet fashion choices to meticulous beauty prep and wellness routines, Sonia sat down with WHO to share an exclusive behind-the-scenes glimpse into what it takes to achieve her radiant, bronzed, and confident look on the Logies red carpet. 

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Can you share some insights into your preparation for The Logies? What steps do you take to ensure you look radiant, bronzed, and confident on the red carpet?

Well, this is probably going to sound really basic, but there are a couple of super important things. Get enough sleep and drink a lot of water! I actually have friends who set an alarm and a nutritionist I know once told me to set an alarm and then like skull a litre of water. Obviously, things like avoiding alcohol are also really important in the lead-up to something like that [The Logies] because you can see the effects of that and like they say, beauty starts from within. And I exercise every day because you want to feel fit and strong and healthy going into it. 

Sonia wearing Alex Perry. (Credit: Supplied.)

Red-carpet fashion plays a significant role in making a statement at The Logies. How do you select your outfits for the event? Do you have any favourite designers or styles that you lean towards?

I work with an amazing stylist, Natalia De Martin. We are constantly sourcing look for The Voice or Dancing with the Stars and Big Brother. So we see a lot of different fashion – everything from cocktail wear to gowns, to more relaxed, cool vibes. But for the red carpet and The Logies, you want to make sure you try and get it as right as you can. We’ve used a lot of local designers in the past, there are some amazing designers in Australia J’Aton, Alex Perry…Steven Khalil has made me some beautiful gowns. We’ve used Toni Maticevski for a lot of red-carpet events in the past.

I’ve also worn some international designers to The Logies… I think it’s good to mix it up. You want to keep it fresh every year. So that’s the other thing, trying to find something that’s different from anything else you’ve done before. I also like to support new and upcoming designers in Australia because we have such incredible talent out there and I think something like The Logies is a great showcase opportunity.

Achieving a flawless look is crucial for the red carpet. Could you provide us with some details about your meticulous beauty prep? What are your go-to skincare products and treatments leading up to The Logies?

You’re asking me this question and I’m thinking I should probably book some treatments in the lead-up to The Logies because I haven’t done that yet! The one thing I do try to do is have a facial. A really beautiful deep kind of hydrating, cleansing facial because I always wear so much makeup for work and I just love that feeling of having super clean skin. 

But having said that my skincare routine is very much on the non-active end of the spectrum. I don’t use products that have active ingredients because sometimes I get rosacea flare-ups, so I use very calming skincare products.

I’ve used things like Dermalogica calming cleanser and Rational’s Barrier Repair Cream. In terms of body hydration, there are a couple of things I absolutely love. The coconut body balm that you get from The Body Shop is awesome because it’s so hydrating, and also bio oil gel… it’s just unbelievably hydrating. I really love those skincare and body care products that give you a lot of hydration.

Sonia uses Three Warriors to achieve her golden tan. (Credit: Supplied.)

Many people are curious about your signature golden tan. How do you achieve that beautiful, sun-kissed glow? Could you share any secrets or products you swear by?

For quite a few years now I’ve been using Three Warriors which is a Tasmanian company and is an organic self-tan. The thing I like about it is that I’m naturally quite tanned, so when I tan I don’t do it to go a few shades deeper, I just want to even out my skin. But the secret to it is all in the preparation. You need to use a good scrub and Three Warriors have a Tasmanian sand scrub which is great and just takes off every sort of remnant of old tan off but also is a great exfoliator. Then, it’s all about hydration, making sure you’re nicely hydrated  – drink as much water as you can, I can’t say that enough! It’s really important when it comes to getting a good tan. 

Wellness plays an essential role in feeling confident and radiant. How do you take care of your overall well-being before The Logies? Are there any specific wellness practices, such as exercise or meditation, that you find beneficial?

Exercise is one of those things, isn’t it? I always try to start with some cardio, I do a Strictly You dance routine in my lounge every morning that gets the blood pumping and my brain working because you have to think about the choreography and the music gives you that  hype for the day. 

I have a little dog, a little Cavoodle named Teddy and we take her for a walk every day. And that for me is kind of the de-stress part of the day, that’s where I relax and meditate.

I think people just want authenticity. (Credit: Supplied.)

The red carpet can be a nerve-wracking experience for some. How do you maintain your confidence and poise in front of the cameras? Do you have any personal rituals or mindset strategies that help you feel your best?

I’m confident that I won’t be poised on the red carpet! That’s the key to being confident because I think people just want authenticity. They want you to be real. They’re not looking for a cardboard cutout. I’ve had so much experience in live television where things go wrong, but I’ve learned not to sweat the small stuff. And in fact, if anything does go wrong, I find it super amusing and I actually love it.

To me, it’s not about being nervous. It’s about actually being a little bit overexcited at times. This year is going to be extra special because I’m hosting the red carpet with Dr Chris Brown – luckily he’s a vet because I’ll probably be like an over-excited Labrador!

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