5 winter nail polish trends to style up your manicure

These are the latest nail trends to follow this season.

Love getting your nails done but have absolutely no idea what to ask for? Or tired of your same old manicure and looking for new, nail-spiration?  Look no further!

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To help you uncover the hottest shades and styles dominating this season’s manicure game, we ask Mavala’s nail expert Oli Antunes how we can take inspiration from the cooler, winter weather. From deep jewel tones to alluring nudes, get ready to adorn your nails in the latest and trendiest winter-inspired colours and styles.

Nail polish
Expert nail tip: For an understated take on this trend, paint the nail in an opaque shade and then follow with a chrome-like topcoat. (Credit: OPI and Pax Polish)

Nail Polish Trend: Futuristic

“Metallics are here to stay – think new bronzes, golds and chromes,” says Oli Antunes.

“Layered over a nude nail, this trend will have you shimmering through winter!”

Metallic micro-French nail art is also having a moment, and luckily Antunes says it’s really easy to achieve at home.

“The glazed-doughnut nail effect popularised last year by Hailey Bieber is set to continue this year, but with a subtle chrome twist,” she explains.

Nature Strong Nail Polish in Glowing Places, $23.95, OPI, Adore Beauty

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Nail polish
Elevate your neutrals obsession. (Credit: OPI and Sally Hansen)

Nail Polish Trend: Healthy Nudes

If you prefer natural looking nails, you’ll be pleased to hear that healthy nails are here to stay.

“Nail condition is in the spotlight and the post lockdown nail-care trend is set to endure this winter,” explains Antunes.

“This is an easy low-maintenance way to look after nails day to day. Polish is spared in favour of natural, buffed and neat nails,” she notes.

Good Kind Pure Nail Polish Hardener, $16.95, Sally Hansen, Chemist Warehouse

Nail Lacquer in Put It In Neutral, $20.95 OPI, Myer

Nail Polish
Channel Taylor Swift’s Evermore era with your next manicure. (Credit: Mavala Switzerland and Essie)

Nail Polish Trend: Autumnal Opaque Shades

If there’s one thing we love about seasonal change, it’s the colours that come with it. Move over pastel shades and say hello to the cool, dark tones of winter.

“There are so many rich and earthy hues on trend this season,” says Antunes. Think muted greens and burgundies – these colours suit all skin tones.

Mini Nail Colour Polish in Velvet Prune, $8.40 Mavala Switzerland, Amazon

Expressie Nail Polish in Precious Cargo-Go, $10.99, Essie, Chemist Warehouse

Nail Art
Expert nail tip: If you can’t choose one, mix shades on your fingers or have fun with some simple nail art! (Credit: Flowerbed)

Nail Polish Trend: Nail Art

“The popularity of nail art is booming with unlimited design creativity, and anything goes this year!” says Antunes.

“From sophisticated designs to simple nail stickers applied to a nude base shade, eye-catching accents and jewels on nails abound. Adding a simple crystal to dot each nail or to one finger is an easy way to adopt this trend.”

Launch Party Collection Nail Stickers, $15, Flowerbed

Press on nails
Style up your nail game in a quick and easy way. (Credit: Glowie and Instant Mani Co)

Nail Polish Trend: Press On

Stick-on nails are taking the beauty world by storm. Easy to apply and great for a night out, give these a whirl for an instant nail upgrade. Simply use the adhesive stickers for temporary wear or apply the glue to each nail for extra longevity.

Nude Press On Nails Set, $28 Instant Mani Co, Sephora

Nail Set in Coffee Date, $41.90 Glowie.

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