Linen Lovers Rejoice! We’ve Found Where You Can Shop Chic Pieces Without Breaking The Bank

Linen from head to toe, all summer long please.

In the world of summer fashion, seldom fabrics evoke the seasonal allure of linen.

Its effortless elegance, breezy comfort, and subtle sophistication have made it a perennial favourite once the weather warms and a worthy addition to your wardrobe

However when it comes to seasonal wardrobes, not only do we want something that works no matter the temps but something that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is another bonus. 

If you’re looking to upgrade your wardrobe this season and add some luscious linen pieces to your summer lineup, read on to find the brands we turn to when we want to save big, without sacrificing style. 

The best brands to shop affordable linen clothing in Australia 2023

(Credit: Aere The Label)


Australian label AERE have perfectly encapsulated the laidback Australian style throughout their collections. Timeless silhouettes and quality fabrics such as linen mean their pieces slot into your wardrobe with ease and can be styled with any of your existing pieces to create stylish looks for any season. 

They tend to stick to more neutral colour palettes throughout their collection but they occasionally offer bold prints to add a pop. Alongside their linen pieces you can also find footwear, swimwear and event styles – what can’t they do? 

Price range: $10 to $250 


(Credit: Petal & Pup)

Petal & Pup

If it’s soft, feminine, fashion-forward style you’re after then Petal & Pup is your one-stop shop. Their selection of stylish dresses, skirts, sets and more are ideal for the coming summer season and they even have a linen edit that makes for great inspiration when building your warm-weather wardrobe. 

When you’re on the hunt for vacay-ready fashion that feels like lounging on a beach, cocktail in hand, then Petal & Pup is a must-shop. 

Price range: $19.95 to $169


(Credit: Nude Lucy)

Nude Lucy

When it comes to lightweight summer-ready fashion, our local brands have the formula down pat. Sydney label Nude Lucy creates minimalist pieces made with comfort and quality in mind for an affordable price. 

Not only are the pieces minimal in design to create a good base in your wardrobe, but this means they are in style as the years pass and will last you beyond a single season (yay sustainability). 

Price range: $13.50 to $220 


(Credit: Cotton On)

Cotton On

We can hardly discuss affordable fashion without mentioning the cult Aussie brand Cotton On. Since its humble beginnings in the 90s, Cotton On has firmly found itself in the wardrobes of Australians everywhere. 

Whether you’re after classic pieces like button-ups and linen dresses or more fashion-forward, trendy silhouettes like linen cargo pants and skirts, you’ll find whatever you’re after at Cotton On without burning a hole in your wallet. 

Price range: $29.99 to $89.99


(Credit: Dazie)


If you’re not yet familiar with Dazie then prepare to have your fashion game changed for good. The brand is exclusive to The Iconic and they have a selection of ultra-affordable pieces that don’t feel cheap or low quality, we love to see it. 

For highly trend-driven pieces Dazie will have you covered and their selection of linen pieces are one to check out as we head into summer. 

Price range: $8 to $139.99


(Credit: Glassons)


Glassons has certainly become a fast favourite for those on the hunt for affordable and trendy fashion, and their selection of linens are definitely on our shopping wish list for the coming season. 

They’ve got the classics like linen pants and tops covered but they also offer a range of statement pieces like sets and bold colourways of lemon and sherbert pink to add a point of difference to your wardrobe. 

In fact, the just-launched Summer of Linen collection is perfect timing to shop before Christmas! 

Price range: $4.99 to $89.99 


(Credit: H&M)


H&M has certainly come a long way when it comes to its trend-driven styles as of late. From their covetable recent collaboration with Paco Rabanne to their summer collection, there are countless pieces to peruse and add to cart for summer. 

You can find plenty of stylish linen dresses, pants and even suiting that are as chic as they are affordable. 

Price range: $12.99 to $199


(Credit: Uniqlo)


Sometimes you’re after something truly classic and timeless, in that case, you turn to Uniqlo. Its selection of linen button-ups, shorts, dresses and more make the perfect addition to any wardrobe and make summer styling a breeze. 

Price range: $29.90 to $79.90 


(Credit: DISSH)


Simple, elegant and affordable, DISSH has certainly become a staple of the Australian fashion landscape thanks to their timeless designs and neutral colour palettes that make them oh-so-easy to style well. 

With a major focus on natural fabrics such as linen, the brand is a must-buy as the weather warms to stay stylish as the mercury rises. 

Price range: $59.99 to $199.99


(Credit: Lioness)


Lioness is yet another Australian brand that has nailed the art of affordable linen fashion. For something with a little bit of edge and grit, Lioness’ selection of trendy silhouettes whether it be sultry slouchy suiting or barely there minis perfect for a balmy night out, are one to to look out for. 

Price range: $8 to $139 


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