What to wear this autumn and winter, according to a stylist

COVID loungewear is out and dressing up is in.
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Summer is well and truly over which means it’s time to put away the swimmers and sandals for another year and start digging out the comfy knitwear, best jeans and boots for autumn and winter.

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Whilst the majority of Aussies spent last autumn and winter in lockdown and wore nothing but trackies and loungewear for months on end, 2021 means there are more occasions to go out and dress up.

But for those of you who find yourselves staring at your clothes thinking “I have nothing to wear”, help is on hand.

Best&Less stylist Kimberley Sara Herrald speaks exclusively to WHO about her top trans seasonal fashion tips and tricks that’ll have you looking and feeling like an A-lister.

Stylist Kimberley Sara Herrald shares her top trans seasonal fashion tips and tricks. (Credit: Instagram)

1. Invest in core pieces for your wardrobe

Before embarking on a shopping spree, check out what you already have at home. 

Kimberley’s wardrobe essentials as we head towards the colder months include a loose fit knit cardigan, a floaty tea dress, relaxed denim, 50 shades of blue, volume sleeve blouses and leather separates but spend your money wisely and appropriately.

“Well cut pants, quality denim and tailored jackets make a huge difference to your overall look so that is where the money should go, whereas the fun trend pieces or simple basics can be sourced at a lower price point, or found in your wardrobe already, and you can get away with these if the other items are high quality.”

Invest in those classic staples. (Credit: Best&Less)

2. Experiment with layers

Layering not only provides warmth but it also means you can create more outfits from one single piece and have some fashion fun.

“When purchasing something new, it is so important that you will also be able to utilise your existing wardrobe when styling your new item,” she says.

“Layering also allows us to contrast colours and fabrics which makes an outfit pop, for example layering a feminine floaty dress with a leather jacket creates a striking look as the items are polar opposites, similarly you can layer crisp denim with a soft chiffon, or leather with a cosy knit – the key is selecting items which has varying textures. Another benefit to layering is that it is a great way to play with volume and alter the natural silhouette of an outfit by adding additional pieces on top.”

Layering up can transform an outfit. (Credit: Best&Less)

3. Own your own vibe

Fashion is not a one-size fits all concept and one of the great things about it is how you can your personality can shine through with your clothes.

“If you love sneakers and casual wear, you can make that look just as glamorous and amazing as if you like heels and a put together aesthetic, it is all about honing in on what you love and what makes you feel comfortable, then elevating that with key accessories, interesting fabrics and bold silhouettes.

“Basically, take your natural preferences and embrace them, rather than trying to aspire to a look which doesn’t feel like you.”

“I am a big fan of Hailey Bieber’s style, her stylist plays with volume, adds some edge and pushes the envelope which is always inspiring to see.” (Credit: Getty)

4. Have fun!

Find joy in trying out new things.

“It can be easy to fall into a set way of dressing and play it safe, but moving with the times and staying inspired is so important – it is all about evolving and allows our style to change with us as we grow and experience different phases in our lives.”

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