The Best Beginner Vibrators For Those Ready to Explore Their Sexuality, According to An Expert

“If there’s a toy that intrigues you, it’s always worth giving something new a try”
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Between Sex/Life and Bridgerton’s steamy sex scenes, Rue’s (Zendaya) self-love scene on Euphoria and The Bachelor’s Abbie Chatfield speaking so openly about masturbation in the public eye that she now has her own self-branded vibrator, it’s safe to say sexuality is less of a taboo than ever.

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And for those who want to embrace their sexuality with the purchase of a powerful sex toy sidekick, it can be tricky with such a plethora of options.

Not sure where to start or even what to look for? We get it. To help you when it comes to buying a vibrator for the first time, we sat down with Frenchie sensuality coach, Eleanor Hadley, to get the lowdown on dipping your toe into the sex toy market.

According to Eleanor, when it comes to sex toy shopping for the first time, one of the first things you should do is cast your mind over to what works for you between the sheets.

“It’s always best to explore your own body ‘acoustic style’ first and tune in to what kind of sensations you enjoy the most, as well as recalling what kind of moves appeal most when you’re with a partner,” she suggests.

“Do you like internal penetration, anal stimulation or is it all about the clit? This will help you to decide which type of sex toy is best to start off with.”

What if you’re a virgin and haven’t yet experienced what you like with a partner? Don’t worry: that doesn’t exclude you from the chance to play solo.

“Using sex toys and exploring your sexual preferences on your own before your first time having sex with someone else is also an incredibly empowering way for you to take ownership of your sexuality, communicate your desires and learn how to prioritise your pleasure,” Eleanor says.

Zendaya Euphoria
You too can find euphoria with the right tool. (Credit: Binge)

Another hot tip? Watch out for the materials that your toy is made from. To avoid infections, Eleanor advises steering clear of toys made from  plastic, jelly, rubber, PVC, vinyl or anything with phthalates and instead opting silicone, borosilicate glass or stainless steel only.

So, you’ve bought your toy of choice, you’ve locked your bedroom door, you’ve set the mood and are ready to go. Now what?

Eleanor warns against rushing straight in when it comes to playing with your new toy. When it comes to pleasuring yourself taking it slow can be a godsend.

“The key to experiencing deep pleasure is to take your time,” she advises.

“While it may be tempting to go straight for the goods and place a sex toy on or in your body straight away, it’s always going to feel better after you’ve warmed yourself up.”

But most of all, have fun exploring your body and figuring out what turns you on. After all, there’s a reason “learning by doing” is a mantra many people swear by.

“It’s hard to know if you like things you haven’t tried though, so if there’s a toy that intrigues you, it’s always worth giving something new a try,” Eleanor adds.

“You might be pleasantly – and pleasurably – surprised.”

You don’t have to tell us twice! Scroll on for WHO’s picks of the best vibrators for beginners.

The best vibrators for beginners in Australia 2024 

(Credit: Durex)

Durex Play Vibe & Tease Vibrator, $59.99, Amazon

The perfect beginner’s toy, this bullet vibrator gets straight to the point and allows you to adapt and change it to suit your needs and desires. It has seven vibration settings and if you want to take it up a notch add on the Teaser Tip for heightened sensations. 


Girls Get off intro bundle sex toy
(Credit: Supplied)

Intro bundle, $159, Girls Get Off

As a rookie’s entry to the pleasurable world of sex toys, this offering is one to add to cart. The bundle includes Miss Mini, a small but mighty external vibrator plus Cleanies (intimate wipes) and Juicee (water-based lubricant).


Womanizer Eco
(Credit: Supplied)

Womanizer Premium Eco, $299.95, Lovehoney

Since its release the Womanizer has racked up hundreds of thousands of fans – including the one and only Lily Allen – thanks to its innovative use of Pleasure Air Technology to mimic the feeling of oral sex.

As well as 12 insensitivity levels and the Smart Silence function which turns itself off when in contact with the skin, this eco-friendly version is 100% recyclable and features an exchangeable battery that’s vegan so you can do your bit for the environment.


Frenchie Double Entendre
(Credit: Supplied)

Double Entendre, $95, Frenchie

Eleanor’s pick is the versatile and inclusive Double Entendre. “It offers a multitude of options for people of all genders, with all types of pleasure preferences,” she explains. Among the options is using the toy externally, internally or both at the same time for double the pleasure. Sign. Us. Up.


Fifty shades of grey greedy girl mini
(Credit: Supplied)

Fifty Shades Greedy Girl Mini Vibrator, $89.99, Wild Secrets

Just over a decade ago, the Fifty Shades of Grey books and films were released, ushering in a new era where bondage and S&M became mainstream. Products playing into this interest were released bearing the juggernaut franchise’s name and flew off the shelves.  The beginner-friendly Greedy Girl mini-rabbit is the perfect entry into this racy world.


Tenga iroha yuki
(Credit: Supplied)

Tenga Iroha Yuki white massager, $149.99, Jou Jou

A vibrator shaped like a snowman may not sound sexy but trust us, the strategic two-ball shaped device is designed for maximum pleasure. Fitting easily within your palm and made from soft-to-touch silicone, the vibrator’s larger body stimulates the vulva while the smaller ball provides targeted stimulation.


Satisfyer Pro black
(Credit: Supplied)

Satisfyer Pro, $64.99 (usually $122.99), Wild Secrets

Now available in black, the incredibly popular  Satisfyer Pro 2 is designed to feel like oral sex and has sold more than five million devices worldwide. An absolute dream for those who are after the ultimate in clitoral stimulation. Currently on sale for $54.99 – a whopping $45 off its usual price!


Love Not War bullet
(Credit: Supplied)

Love Not War bullet, $129.95, Lovehoney

If you want pocket-sized pleasure, a bullet vibrator will be right up your alley. Try the rechargeable and eco-friendly Love Not War bullet, which measures 5.5 inches and has four speeds and seven vibration patterns.


We vibe chorus
(Credit: Supplied)

We-Vibe Chorus, $269.99, Wild Secrets

Wanting to incorporate sex toys into your partner play for the first time? The We-Vibe Chorus is an incredibly popular addition for couples wanting to up the ante between the sheets. One end sits inside you (with room for another person’s member or finger to enter) while the other massages the clitoris. The device and its 10 vibration modes can be controlled via remote or via an app for ultimate interactive experience.


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