EXCLUSIVE: How working mum Chrissie Swan prioritises her health

"Your life changes so much when you have kids."
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Chrissie Swan has been gracing our television screens and radio airwaves for almost 20 years.

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The mum-of-three is no stranger to a busy schedule, and in an exclusive chat with WHO, Chrissie tells us how she balances her career, motherhood, and herself.

“For me, this year’s really been the first year that I’ve taken [health] seriously,” she says.

“Working mothers, or mothers in general, or women in general, we just don’t take the time to try and work it out and we just sort of roll with the punches,” she adds.

chrissie swan
Nova breakfast radio host Chrissie’s biggest struggle was getting enough sleep. (Credit: Instagram)

She eventually worked out that sleep was probably her “biggest issue”, as she hasn’t had enough sleep for about 20 years.

“Ever since I started in breakfast radio and then the kids came along, and so I started prioritising sleep this year and it has made a huge difference,” Chrissie explains.

“Some days it’s just about listening to your body and what it needs and giving it what it needs.”

On the rare occasion she does find herself with some free time, Chrissie will spend it on the couch in an Oodie, in front of the fire watching Netflix.

“It does feel like a huge treat but we’ve got to stop thinking that way, you know, it’s perfectly fine to rest, to prioritise rest.”

chrissie swan
“Some days it’s just about listening to your body and what it needs and giving it what it needs.” (Credit: Instagram)

Chrissie takes life day by day and tries to fit in a few things for herself each day, even if it’s just 15 minutes of reading a book or putting on a face mask.

“Your life changes so much when you have kids, that the older they get, the further away from remembering what you actually liked to do comes into play.”

“I spend so much time making everyone’s life so easy and organised and I’ve really forgotten what I enjoy. So, I had to make a list, took me about a week to think of things,” she laughs.

On a serious note, she adds that “just stopping” is pretty important for women, and that we can often “romanticise” the idea of always being so busy.

“It’s almost an act of rebellion to opt out and say ‘actually, what I’m doing today is not much and that is still an activity’; it’s actually very important.”

chrissie swan priceline
Her quick and easy makeup routine helps her feel ready to tackle on the day. (Credit: Supplied)

The radio host also lives by the saying “everyday is sort of a new adventure”, and that’s always been her parenting mantra, as well as her self-care mantra.

Chrissie also says she does “whatever it takes” to make herself feel good, which includes a very impressive five-minute makeup routine.

“I’ve got a kit of about five things and I whack them on my face and away I go,” she says.

In her five-minute kit, she has a brow definer, highlighter, bronzer, concealer, liquid eyeliner, foundation, and mascara.

“Then I’ve got seven thousand different lipsticks,” she laughs.

WATCH BELOW: Chrissie Swan launches her own lipstick shade with Priceline

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One of those lipsticks is her very own dark plum shade that she helped make with Priceline, as part of their “Support Our Sisters” fundraising campaign.

“I use to love wearing these colours in the 90s, and they say that women kind of hang on to whatever the look was in their heyday and I think definitely the 90s was my heyday,” Chrissie explains.

The colour also holds many “great memories” for Chrissie, where the 90s was a time where she really started to find out who she was.

“It’s really the most exciting time, your twenties, and the time of discovery and becoming who you’re going to be.”

Chrissie’s lipstick shade is now available at Priceline, with all profits going to Priceline Sisterhood Foundation charities.

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