Period friendly activewear that won’t hold you back during your next workout

Work out without restraint.
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Sometimes periods can be a pain, and they can cause us to put a pause on our daily activities, including exercise
Working out may not be your favourite activity at the best of times , but working out on your period can be even more of a challenge. Worrying about leaks, leaving you to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable. It may just make you want to skip the gym altogether.
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Working out on your period (if you can) can actually do a world of good to boost your mood, fight fatigue and relieve the discomfort of cramps. Just ensure you listen to your body and moderate your workouts to stay comfortable. 
The good news is there are some game-changing products on the market these days that allow you to work out in comfort and security knowing that leaks, are a thing of the past. 
Below are some of our top picks for period friendly activewear to add to your workout wardrobe this year.

The best period proof activewear in Australia 2023 

period proof friendly activewear
(Credit: PUMA x Modibodi)

PUMA 7/8 Active leggings, $110, Modibodi

Modibodi are one of the leaders in period friendly products, their recent collaboration with PUMA includes these chic and comfy burgundy leggings that protect against leaks in style. 


period proof leggings
(Credit: adidas)

Techfit period proof 7/8 leggings, $90, adidas

With a multilayered protection system, these leggings are a great option to wear with your chosen method of period wear such as cups, tampons or pads, and allow you to focus on your workout. 


period leggings
(Credit: Modibodi)

7/8 recycled active leggings, $99, Modibodi

If you prefer a classic black style, these flattering 7/8 leggings are the way to go. They are also made using 79 per cent recycled post-consumer materials, perfect for the eco-conscious exerciser. 


period underwear
(Credit: Modibodi)

Active brief underwear, $35, Modibodi

If you’re looking for period underwear that can keep up with your workouts, these briefs from Modibodi are the right choice. They can hold up to two tampons worth of blood and are also ultra breathable for your comfort. 


period shorts
(Credit: Nike)

Nike One Leak Protection shorts, $80, THE ICONIC

Nike have launched their very own pair of period proof shorts that are ideal for warmer summer months. 


(Credit: Modibodi)

Running shorts, $59, Modibodi

If you prefer a looser style running short, Modibodi’s moisture-wicking style will ensure you can workout in complete comfort. 


(Credit: PUMA x Modibodi)

PUMA Active shorts, $85, Modibodi

Another piece from PUMA’s collaboration with Modibodi, these can hold between two and three tampons worth of blood, are oisture-wicking, stylish, control odours – and have pockets! 


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