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How to start an Onlyfans, according to a MAFS star making bank

She's making thousands every month, so how can you do the same?
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With all this chatter about reality TV stars starting OnlyFans accounts and making huge sums of money in a matter of days or weeks, plenty of Aussies are considering setting up their own accounts.

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The adult subscription site seems pretty appealing, offering people a way to earn money while creating content often from their own homes, in their own time and without the fuss of a typical nine to five job.

But what actually goes into joining OnlyFans, how can you make real money and what do you need to do to keep yourself safe?

Former Married At First Sight bride Amanda Micallef has been hugely successful since she joined the platform in December 2021 and spoke exclusively to WHO about exactly how to start your own OnlyFans.

Amanda appeared on season seven of MAFS, where she was paired with Tash Herz. (Credit: Nine)

How to start an OnlyFans account

The process of setting up an account is pretty simple – just hop on the website and sign up for a free account where you can start posting your content for a subscription fee, which you can choose.

Once your account is live, that’s when the actual work begins, as you need to create and share enough content to keep subscribers coming back if you want to earn a solid chunk of cash.

“I was actually inspired to start because two of my Personal Training Face to Face clients … were running OF full time and making absolute bank, exposing very little compared to other creators,” Amanda reveals.

She also interviewed OnlyFans juggernaut Renee Gracie on her podcast and went through a huge list of YouTube videos about how to establish an account before officially signing up.

“I did have photos from an older photoshoot I had to get me started, and then I went on to create new content from there,” she adds.

These days Amanda creates all her new OnlyFans content. (Credit: Instagram)

How to make money on OnlyFans

It may seem like Amanda was rolling in cash overnight, but she warns it can be a lot harder for creators to get a solid income flowing without the help of reality TV fame.

“I give all credit to my exposure from MAFS, without the show I probably would’ve struggled to gain the traction it has gained in a short amount of time,” she says. “But like anything I still need to work for my success.”

She urges new creators to treat OnlyFans like typical job or business and put in the hard work to get established, which means creating professional content and promoting it across social networks.

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“If you treat it like a hobby you’ll be paid like a hobby. Yes it’s ‘easy money’ in comparison to some other traditional jobs, but you’ve got to know how you are branding yourself on there, and how you’ll keep content fresh with new outfits, lighting, settings, etc.” she warns.

“It takes some prior planning to make a good spread of content that is professional looking if you want to earn a decent dollar.”

It’s also a good idea to stay on top of current social media trends and build up a following on TikTok and Instagram, where you can direct new people to your OnlyFans account.

Olivia Frazer is another MAFS star who promotes her OnlyFans content on Instagram. (Credit: Instagram)

How much can you make on OnlyFans?

How long is a piece of string? Some OnlyFans creators earn just a little extra cash each month, while others pocket tens of thousands of dollars.

After just a few months of building up her subscriber base, Amanda says, “On average I make around $1,000 a week on four hours-worth of work… and I don’t do collabs with other creators.”

But that’s with the added bonus of a reality TV background and large social media following, so don’t expect to be making the big bucks right away.

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Instead, Amanda encourages new creators to find their own niche in the market and build up a dedicated follower base in that space to earn a solid income.

It can also pay to have a bigger account give you a shoutout, but you’ll have to pay a fee for that.

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Is OnlyFans safe?

Like any job, there are risks involved with becoming an OnlyFans creator and it’s important to acknowledge and understand them before setting up an account and sharing content.

Leaks are a huge issue and some subscribers can push boundaries, but Amanda says there are things you can do to protect yourself.

“Understand your stuff will get leaked and who may potentially come across that,” she says.

“There are legal teams out there to remove leaks, but if you can find an OnlyFans management team that include that service in their contract, jump on board, as you don’t particularly want that on show for free.”

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It’s also smart to hide your personal details, including the area you live in, and keep clients at a friendly distance – “these are your customers, not your mates.”

If anyone pushes your boundaries, give them a warning or just get rid of them, as Amanda says “you are your own boss and security team”.

As for the people who want to create an account where they don’t show their face, she says it can be done but it’s rarely as profitable.

“There are faceless creators who have done quite well online, I just think it would require a lot more work.”

Domenica Calarco infamously had nude photos from her OnlyFans account leaked on MAFS season nine. (Credit: Instagram)

Biggest OnlyFans dos and don’ts

According to Amanda, the three biggest things you should be doing when you start your account is to find or create a niche, make professional looking content and stick to a schedule.

“Learn how to edit your own photos and videos with free apps where possible [and] have a schedule in place of when you will create content. Yes that’s right, it’s a business!”

As for the big don’ts, she warns people to be aware of the legal implications of what they post and leaked content.

“Do not post content without anyone’s permission, there are heavy legal implications around this and if you think someone won’t notice, think again,” she warns.

“Don’t post anything on your wall that you aren’t prepared to have leaked, understand it will happen, so save your juicier stuff for pay per view on your dm’s and make money on it.”

Unfortunately, content shared privately can still be leaked – Amanda says it’s the “nature of this beast” – so make sure you’re aware of the risks before sharing anything.

She also reveals that many clients and subscribers will offer huge pay checks for sex, and while it’s up to the creator, there are major implications if it gets out publicly.

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